Still dazzling at 11: Solaire unveils culinary brilliance with Michelin Star Chefs for an unforgettable epicurean journey

Solaire Resort Entertainment City, the premier integrated destination resort in the country, has made history by bringing Michelin Star chefs to the Philippines. In honor of its anniversary month in March, Solaire is proud to announce the arrival of these iconic culinary masters for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. This significant occasion will feature the culinary artistry of three renowned Michelin Star chefs, each presenting their signature dishes at Solaire’s signature restaurants for dinner at Finestra, Yakumi, and Red Lantern on March 13-16, followed by a lavish buffet brunch on March 17.

Renowned for her culinary passion, Chef Cristina Bowerman elevates her craft through a lens of creativity and innovation. With a bachelor’s degree on culinary arts and a specialization in flavor concentration, Chef Bowerman relocated to Rome to become the Chef Patron at Glass Hostaria, a bastion of contemporary Italian cuisine, which she has led for seventeen years. In 2010, she earned a prestigious Michelin Star standing as Italy’s sole female recipient that year. Experience Chef Bowerman’s culinary finesse at Finestra, where a six-course dinner awaits, featuring her signature dishes starting with a modern twist on vitello tonnato, followed by a classic risotto à la meunière, and sumptuous Italian gyoza. Delight your palate with marbled beef wagyu ribeye alongside mulberry reduction, celery root terrine, hot garlic, and oxtail foam. Indulge in a perfect dessert pairing of popcorn and passion fruit dulce de leche, ensuring a perfect finale to your dining experience.

Hailing from Fukuoka, Chef Goh Fukuyama delved into the world of French cuisine right out of high school. In 2002, he unveiled La Maison de la Nature Goh, a discreet yet stylish establishment renowned for its imaginative French Japanese omakase. This culinary haven achieved notable acclaim, securing a spot in “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants”. Boasting a Michelin Star, the restaurant solidified its standing in the culinary world. At Yakumi, indulge in an eight-course dinner featuring a tantalizing array of dishes such as Foie gras monaka, white asparagus cream Fukinotou Blancmange, as well as tuna and fermented tomato. Experience the exquisite flavors of sake steamed abalone and shiitake mushroom risotto, and white fish wrapped in cabbage with the scent of ARIAKE seaweed. Indulge in the rich flavors of Kyushu Kuroge Wagyu beef, a spicy crab curry, and a delightful “white and red” strawberry for dessert.

Maestro of Sichuan cuisine, Chef Xu Fan, the visionary behind the Michelin-starred Xujia Cuisine in Chengdu, immersed himself in the art of Sichuan-style cooking back in 1991. Renowned for its excellence, his restaurant has been honored with numerous awards, including “The best50” of China’s top 50 restaurants for six consecutive years and the Black Pearl 1 Diamond restaurant for five successive years. Specializing in the bold and vibrant flavors of Szechuan Cuisine, Chef Xu

takes charge of the Red Lantern kitchen, curating an exquisite eight-course dinner. Savor on dishes such as deep-fried angus beef tenderloin with a tantalizing sweet and sour, spicy sauce, and homemade chicken ball served in clear chicken soup. Indulge in the rich flavors of wok fried rock lobster with litchi and sweet chili sauce and relish the flavors of steamed star garoupa with sichuan green chili, green peppercorn, and premium soy sauce. Savor the succulent braised USDA beef short ribs with sichuan bean paste, truffles, vegetables, and crispy gillardeau oyster served with ginger sauce. Experience the mastery of freshly crafted dan dan noodles and homemade noodles with minced pork. For dessert, delight on sichuan ice jelly as well as mixed nuts with jelly and brown sugar.

Elevate your experiences with thoughtfully curated drinks by certified Sake Samurai and Sake Master Brewer Akihiro Igarashi and the esteemed Luis de Santos, the first and only Master Sommelier of Filipino descent. Beyond his role as a Master Sommelier, de Santos thrives as a prosperous entrepreneur, presently owning multiple bars and restaurants in Las Vegas. Joining them is Max Solano, one of the West Coast’s most respected and creative mixologists and spirits educators for his innovative and versatile creations. His expertise lies in crafting cocktails using fresh, homemade ingredients and premium spirits sourced from around the globe. His talent has earned him acclaim in various media outlets, coupled with three Las Vegas Bartender of the Year awards.

“As we celebrate our anniversary, we continue to deliver culinary sensations like no other, this rare opportunity to savor Michelin Star fare in the heart of the Philippines promises to elevate their dining experience to new heights. We would like them to experience a symphony of world-class flavors, by bringing in these three Michelin Star chefs who will artfully craft their own menus to spotlight the distinctiveness of their culinary artistry, “says Sebastian Kellerhoff, Vice President for Culinary.

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