Skyro partners with MemoXpress, officially making Online Product Loan available!

  • Customers can now access Skyro’s flexible payment options at MemoXpress’ checkout page
  • This partnership with MemoXpress is the first of many as Skyro now offers product loans online!

Skyro, a fast-growing fintech brand in the Philippines, proudly announces that Filipino customers may now avail themselves of a product loan online with its new offering to the market, the Online Product Loan.

Making this offering possible for customers is Skyro’s partnership with MemoXpress, a leading electronic retailer in the Philippines, to bring its product loan offerings to the brand’s online platform.

This collaboration marks Skyro’s first Online Product Loan partnership, significantly enhancing accessibility and convenience for customers seeking flexible payment solutions.

“By integrating Skyro’s services seamlessly into our checkout process, we are empowering our customers with greater flexibility and control over their purchases. Our partnership aims to elevate the customer’s shopping experience and prioritize their satisfaction,” said Edward Tan, vice president of operations at MemoXpress.

“We believe that this collaboration with Skyro will not only drive sales but also build stronger relationships with our customers by offering them the financial flexibility they need,” he added.

This exciting partnership offers customers a fast and easy way to complete transactions. By integrating Skyro’s Online Product Loan service into MemoXpress’s checkout process, customers can browse through the expansive catalog of electronics and make purchases from the comfort of their own homes.

To utilize Skyro’s Online Product Loan service at MemoXpress, customers can follow these simple steps:

  • Select your items on com, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout.
  • Choose Skyro as the payment method
  • Complete the digital application form and settle down payment using Skyro’s mobile app
  • Await MemoXpress’ update about your delivery or store pick-up details

Skyro’s co-CEO and co-founder Nasim Aliev echoed, “This collaboration exemplifies our mutual commitment to advancing the e-commerce landscape. We are happy to partner with MemoXpress, a leader in the electronics retail sector, to provide more Filipinos with access to our innovative online point-of-sale loan product.”

“Our goal is to empower every Filipino shopper by offering them unparalleled customer-centric solutions that make their shopping experience not only more flexible but also more enjoyable,” he added.

Supporting PH merchants to make their products more accessible

Skyro’s Online Product Loan is a game-changer for PH merchants eager to boost their sales and make their products more accessible to Filipino consumers. Offering customers the option to split their payments into manageable installments, much like BNPL, makes more Filipinos confident in purchasing when shopping for the items they need and want!

Moreover, the flexibility in payment options appeals to different types of shoppers, driving increased website and store traffic and nurturing customer loyalty and repeat business.

Skyro’s Online Product Loan solution gives PH merchants a significant competitive edge. This also empowers merchants to distinguish themselves by catering to the evolving preferences of consumers who value payment flexibility.

With the added advantages, merchants can easily add this feature by seamlessly integrating with Skyro for FREE, get upfront payments without worrying about credit risks, while customers enjoy a smoother checkout experience, leading to a happier and more positive customer experience.

Skyro is a fintech company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  To learn more about digital financial products from Skyro, visit its official website Follow its official Facebook and Instagram accounts to know more about its latest promos and offerings.