Shower Saya News: Germ protection gets a FUN upgrade with the NEW Safeguard White Camellia’s #SoftSkinProtection

For us Pinoys, showering is a serious business. We just love feeling clean and refreshed, hitting the shower every day (sometimes, even twice a day!) But it’s not just about washing away the dirt after a long day; it’s about showing our skin some love, keeping it soft and healthy.

The Face of Germ Protection

And at the core of this daily regimen is a trusted icon that has become almost synonymous with germ protection—Safeguard. As the most trusted antibacterial soap of Filipino households for over 57 years now, Safeguard remains a staple in our showers and is loved by families for its unparalleled germ protection.

This 2024, Safeguard takes its legacy of uncompromising germ protection to new heights with a delightful innovation — #SoftSkinProtection!

#SoftSkinProtection: NEW Safeguard White Camellia

With the NEW Safeguard White Camellia, germ protection is made seriously fun — providing the 99.9% germ kill that we need and have come to expect from Safeguard and now the soft skin feel that we love!

With its #SoftSkinProtection, no more compromising between being protected from germs and enjoying beautiful, soft skin feel.

Plus! Infused with white camellia extract, the newest variant also comes with an irresistible scent that lingers on your skin, and a rich lather feel that makes taking a bath a truly #SafeguardShowerSaya experience! 

NEW Safeguard White Camellia to Bloom at Panagbenga

Only recently launched and yet the NEW Safeguard White Camellia has already started to spread Shower Saya nationwide and is even set to bloom at the 2024 Panagbenga Festival.

The floral festival promises to be a true shower party as the innovative Safeguard Shower Saya float is set to take the spotlight at the floral parade. There will also be Shower Saya Stations that will treat festivalgoers to the #SoftSkinProtection of the NEW Safeguard White Camellia.

Discover #SoftSkinProtection Now!

Elevate your shower experience with the #SoftSkinProtection of the NEW Safeguard White Camellia, now available in supermarkets nationwide and in Lazada and Shopee. Don’t forget to spread the #SafeguardShowerSaya on TikTok.

Shower on!