Share the Confidence: Whisper Partners with World Vision and Shopee to Advance Menstrual Hygiene

To debunk period myths and promote better menstrual hygiene management, Whisper Philippines launched its partnership with World Vision and Shopee last Menstrual Hygiene Day. Gen-Z star Belle Mariano led the celebration via a Facebook Live with Health and Nutrition Technical Specialist from World Vision, Diana-Marie Nachor.

Whisper, the girls’ trusted feminine pad, joined women around the world in advancing better and safer period management by having an informative and engaging dialogue and a pledge of donation that helps give menstruating girls in World Vision communities access to period products.

The program kick started the discussion with a refresher on Menstruation 101 from Diana (World Vision)as they talked about how their programs advance menstrual hygiene management among young girls.


Diana broke down Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) into three components:

  • Menstrual hygiene materials: products used to catch menstrual flow, such as cloth or pads
  • Menstrual supplies:items essential to period, such as body and laundry soap, underwear, and pain relief items
  • Menstrual facilities:utilities that help promotesafe and dignified menstruation, such as toilets and water infrastructure with general design elements of female-friendly toilets


The Live session got more exciting as the host and guests proceeded to have a fun sharing of confessions about the period myths that most menstruating girls and women usually fall for. Even the He’s Into Her lead star shared that she used to believe that jumping two to three times will shorten her period cycle, and how her irregular cycle sometimes made her freak out.

World Vision’s Diana-Marie Nachor shared expert tips on how to achieve better and safer menstrual hygiene. Alongside eating nutritious foods, exercise and washing regularly,Diana pointed out the need for using clean, reliable, and safe period products and pads,and how keeping track of your cycle can help you predict its frequency and length and anticipate any sudden changes. So you can always keep a pad ready just in case!


The Facebook Live did not only provide information on period management, but also promoted a safe space for girls to share their experiences on managing their period cycles without discomfort.

Recalling how she got her first period, Belle shared how lucky she was to have her mother guiding her during the entire experience. The “Sigurado” singer also encouraged other girls, especially those who have yet to experience their first periods, to reach out to fellow girls and women for guidance. “Don’t be afraid. Talk to women who know more about this experience, para ma-guide kayo. Para next time, kayo naman mag-gui-guide sakanila.”

Diana echoed Belle’s advice and also inspired the viewers to find their own presko squad and even include men and boys in the conversation. Due to the different physical and emotional changes a woman goes through during her menstrual cycle, it’s a must for girls to have supportive people around who will always have their back, just like a dependable Whisper pad.


Learning from her experience with her old pad, Belle also stressed the need for reliable period products, such as menstrual pad that fits your needs and one that won’t let you down. After switching to Whisper, it came as no surprise to her that out of 10 girls love the new Whisper Breathable.

For a go-getter like Belle, she can breeze through multiple activities thanks to the new WhisperBreathable Cottony Soft pads. Its new top sheet has thousands of airflow vents that lock fluid in, keeping sensitive skin dry and clean, while allowing the breezy air to pass through.This technology helps prevent girls from experiencing hot, stuffy, and sticky period situations. Just like Belle, 9 out of 10 girls tried and LOVED Whisper Breathable (based on quantitative usage test survey in Metro Manila in August 2020).


Together with World Vision and Shopee, you can also take part in this movement. Whisper pledges to match every Whisper pack sold on Shopee from May 28 until June 30, and donate them to girls in need through World Vision.Now, when you buy 1 of any of the following Whisper pack, you also share another Whisper pack to another girl!

  1. Breathable Cottony Soft Regular 8s
  2. Breathable Cottony Nights X-long 4s
  3. Super Clean and Dry Regular 8s
  4. Pure Cotton Unscented Regular 10s
  5. Pure Cotton Scented Regular 10s

Jun Godornes of World Vision thanked this partnership with Whisper and Shopee, and invited the audience to join the cause:

“As we celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day, we remember girls and young women who thrive in challenges and adversities in life. We celebrate their beauty and strength, grace and determination to reach for their dreams and become better versions of themselves. Empowered girls and equipped young women will move our nation to greatness. Our small actions, when pulled together, will create waves that can transform lives, one child, one family, one community at a time.”

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