Scarlet Snow shares the joy with a Jollibee Virtual Party for her cousin Lacey

Joy is meant to be shared with those that one holds dear. This is one of the lessons Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho aim to teach their daughter, Scarlet Snow Belo, who recently threw an exciting and fun-filled Jollibee Virtual Party for her cousin, Lacey Kho. While the two little ladies couldn’t be together physically for the occasion, the e-birthday bash allowed them to celebrate and bond with their other friends and family members.

Joy finds ways. Scarlet Snow Belo celebrates the birthday of her cousin, Lacey Kho, through a fun Jollibee Virtual Party with their family and friends.

On her Instagram page, Scarlet described the Jollibee Virtual Party as a “new and fun way to celebrate birthdays with your friends online”. She also shared that their favorite Jollibee meals are what completes the fun birthday festivities, and even asked for her followers’ suggestions on which party theme to choose!

On the day of Lacey’s 5th birthday, the guests were invited to a royal adventure following the  Fairytale Land theme. Jollibee prepared everything for the celebrant’s virtual birthday bash — from the party treats, giveaways, food delivery, all the way to the fun-filled program! This way, everyone can just relax and participate in exciting games while they enjoy their favorite Jollibee treats.

“I felt really happy because Lacey and I enjoyed it so much”, Scarlet shared. “I’m sure that all the kids and grown-ups enjoyed the Jollibee Virtual Party, too!”

For Scarlet’s parents Vicki and Hayden, this new way of celebrating milestones is one of the fun ways a child can feel their best on their special day. “We do so much as parents to give our children the best experiences, but with this pandemic, it has become more complicated. Through the Jollibee Virtual Party, we were able to connect our kids to family and friends whom they haven’t seen for so long. Even if it’s a little different from celebrations as we know it, I’m sure it’s an experience that will be memorable for them,” shared Hayden.

Families show their biggest smiles at Lacey Kho’s birthday, prepared by her cousin Scarlet Snow Belo.

For the adorable birthday celebrant Lacey, the Jollibee Virtual Party that her Ate Scarlet helped set up was one that is highly appreciated. “I had so much fun during my party. Thank you, Ate Scarlet and Jollibee,” said Lacey in a video.

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