Quipper honors educators on National Teachers Month

Through eQuippED 2022 and its theme of eQuipping teachers for the future

Teachers are one of the keys to creating a better future for the next generation. Online or offline, young minds are shaped into top-gun future world leaders, professionals, thinkers, contributors, and responsible citizens of every age through the guidance of the country’s hard-working and ever-dedicated educators.

To honor every teacher’s dedication and passion, Quipper, a Japanese education technology company and one of the leading ed-tech platforms in Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, is set to celebrate National Teachers’ Month and World Teachers’ Day through eQuippED 2022.

“In today’s digital world, Quipper believes that empowering the teachers equates to every student’s success. Through eQuippED 2022, a series of learning webinars dedicated to empowering, supporting, and recognizing all educators, Quipper aims to help liberate our teachers into innovative leaders and advocates of modern classrooms with future-ready skills,” said Yusuke Takagi, CEO of Quipper Philippines.

eQuipping Teachers for the Future

For National Teachers Month, Quipper will provide a series of webinars that will equip our teachers with future-ready skills and engage them with the latest trends in education.

Among the much-awaited online seminar speakers is Christina Jimenez, with the topic Empower your teaching with education technology.” Scheduled on September 5 at 9 AM, this webinar will help teachers learn how to maximize different education technologies to empower themselves as educators and create meaningful and engaging experiences.

Meanwhile, Selene Estaris will discussThe Gamification of Learning”in the second episode of the webinar series scheduled on September 12 at 9 AM. Estaris will tackle how game-based learning or gamification can engage learners and promote deeper understanding that can make a long-lasting impact among students.

Other topics in the following webinars include professional development, English enhancement, tips on managing mental health, digital transformations in schools, and updates on the education industry.

Teachers can visit Quipper’s website, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels for details on how to register and watch these webinars.

The search is on for the next Quipper Super Teacher

Meanwhile, to recognize the creative and innovative teachers who stood out by using Quipper as their teaching tool amidst the pandemic, the most eligible teachers will be hailed as the Quipper Super Teacher.

These super teachers utilize Quipper solutions in providing life-long learning to their students. Moreover, they exude good human relations not just with the students but also with all the school’s stakeholders. Most of all, the Quipper Super Teacher illustrated honesty, integrity, and passion in his professional teaching. To nominate a teacher, visit the Quipper website for more details.

Quipper has an array of content, including over 5,982 videos and 69,752 quiz questions. It also caters to 316,239 teachers and over five million students globally.

To learn more about Quipper Philippines, visit https://www.quipper.com/ph/.