Pueblo de Oro and partners champion women empowerment

Throughout history, the roles of women have undergone significant transformation. No longer confined by antiquated notions of the “weaker sex”, women today stand as leaders in nations and captains of industry.

Beyond the boardrooms and halls of power, many women have shouldered the mantle of breadwinners, often single-handedly supporting their families. Given the chance, women both locally and globally have demonstrated the ability to provide for their households.

Monitoring visits with Odyssey Foundation, Inc.
In project areas spanning Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Pampanga, and Batangas, PDO, IGFI, and SPPI have organized seminars on various livelihood activities, including scrap collection, sewing, and food vending.

Within this evolving landscape, property developer Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation (PDO), the property development arm of the ICCP Group, has made community empowerment a cornerstone of its mission. In particular, PDO has long championed the cause of empowering women through innovative social welfare initiatives.

In collaboration with the ICCP Group Foundation, Inc. (IGFI), as well as various local government units and civic organizations, Pueblo de Oro has developed programs aimed at enabling women to make meaningful contributions to their families and communities.

One such initiative is the Ganda Mo, Hanapbuhay Ko program, which has been transforming lives since 2018. In partnership with IGFI, sister-company Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. (SPPI), and the Ang Hortaleza Foundation Inc. (AHFI), this program provides training in basic cosmetology to unemployed women in Batangas province.

Solo Parents Association Sari-Sari Store in Barangay Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City,  Known for its pioneering and innovative environmentally protective measures, Pueblo de Oro has dedicated itself to promoting the social aspect of its developments. Further to providing employment opportunities, training programs, life skills workshops, and much more to members of its adopted communities, PDO and its cohorts support these small businesses with ongoing monitoring and mentorship to ensure their long-term success.

The program has already seen 30 graduates, five of whom are now employed overseas as nail technicians, showcasing the tangible impact of empowering women through skill-building.

Building on this success, PDO, SPPI, IGFI, and AHFI have expanded their partnership to introduce the Kabalikat sa Negosyo training sessions in Pampanga and Batangas provinces. These workshops equip unemployed mothers with essential entrepreneurial skills, fostering economic independence and sustainability within their communities.