Preserving Nature: Pueblo de Oro’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

PUEBLO DE ORO Development Corporation (PDO), one of the property development arms of the ICCP Group and a dedicated advocate for environmental preservation, considers tree planting activities an integral part of its mission.

Through its social development arm, ICCP Group Foundation, Inc. (IGFI), Pueblo de Oro has incorporated ecological initiatives such as tree planting across its project sites nationwide, including Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Pampanga, and Batangas. These activities are strategically planned to promote sustainability at every step.

Participation in these green initiatives extends beyond the company itself, with enthusiastic involvement from employees, homeowners, public organizations, local government units, and private entities eager to contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

The statement “We aren’t just ‘planting trees’, we’re changing lives” resonates strongly during these endeavors, underscoring the company’s deep commitment to environmental sustainability. These efforts not only ensure a safe and worry-free lifestyle for residents but also create an environment conducive to family life.

Pueblo de Oro’s residential projects prioritize harmony with nature, showcased through the meticulously designed Westwoods subdivision and EDGE-certified Westwoods Storeys condominium project in Cagayan de Oro City.

Situated within a 40-hectare urban rainforest preserved and managed by Pueblo de Oro, these developments not only embody sustainable living but also contribute to energy conservation, with the condominium project saving electricity equivalent to 136 homes’ consumption for a year. These projects demonstrate the developer’s dedication to integrating nature seamlessly into urban environments.

BFFA members and PDO employees working together to plant thousands of mangrove trees in Sitio Judas Belt, Babag, Cebu.

From the establishment of its urban rainforest to the adoption of renewable energy sources, periodic tree-planting initiatives of Pueblo de Oro form the bedrock of its environmental stewardship.

One notable initiative started in 2018 when Pueblo de Oro collaborated with the Bagasawe Farmers and Fishermen Association (BFFA) in Cebu to plant 65,000 mangrove propagules over 22 hectares of shoreline in Lapu-Lapu City. This ongoing planting activity safeguards the adjacent Pilipog River and Mactan Channel from erosion, with long-term goals of supporting marine life and enhancing biodiversity, ultimately benefiting the seaside village of Bagasawe.

Officers and staff of the ICCP Group attend the greening activity in Barangay San Gregorio, Malvar, Batangas.

In a recent foray in Batangas, the tree-planting program held in Barangay San Gregorio, Malvar, brought together volunteers from ICCP Group, Light Industry & Science Park IV locators, San Gregorio Elementary School, and local government agencies. Over 300 saplings of various fruit-bearing plants, including calamansi, avocado, rambutan, and jackfruit, promise future sustenance and livelihood opportunities for the community.

Similarly, in 2017, in Barangay Sitio Mauli II in San Fernando, Pampanga, the planting of fruit-bearing trees such as mango, santolduhatatis, and avocado aligns with the Greening Program of the City Environment and Natural Resources Office.

This dedication reflects Pueblo de Oro’s longstanding promise to prioritize environmental stewardship and community welfare, a principle ingrained in the company’s mission since its inception three decades ago.