PHINMA Education Celebrate Highest Enrollment, Student Success In SY 22- 23

In SY 22-23, PHINMA Education gained the trust of 124,501 students. This is the highest number of enrollees logged in the network’s 19-year history. Board passing results remain high and campus improvements continue in order to accommodate an even bigger number of students.

“We believe that the success of our students is much more meaningful because of their lives’ circumstances,” said PHINMA Corporation Chairman and CEO Ramon del Rosario Jr in a July 17 press briefing. “Underserved, first-generation students who are able to pursue dignified lives and make the lives of others better too.”

A fast-growing network of schools in Southeast Asia, PHINMA Education has nine schools in the Philippines and one in Indonesia. In SY 22-23, its 30.4% increase in enrollment versus last year resulted in a 19% revenue increase year-on-year and consolidated revenues of P4.5 billion.

“This year is a convergence of our model continuing to show promise, the growing need for the services we provide, and our business doing well in all aspects. We hope to be able to reach more and more underserved students who need quality education the most, so that they can uplift themselves, their families, and communities,” explained PHINMA Education President and CEO Dr. Chito Salazar.

Our Students, Their Success

PHINMA Education students posted an overall passing rate in licensure exams of 79% for first-time takers in S.Y. 2022-2023. Throughout the year, students and schools across the network were recognized for ranking among the top nationwide across several disciplines. For instance, PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College (COC) and Southwestern University (SWU) PHINMA were ranked first in Criminology and Optometry, respectively.


Graduates similarly showed stellar results in Nursing (98% board passing rate), Electrical Engineering (98%), Elementary Education (92%), Optometry (90%), Dentistry (90%), Pharmacy (89%), and Mechanical Engineering (85%). The network celebrated 27 topnotchers, adding up to a total of 143 topnotchers since 2004.

In Horizon Karawang, the first school managed by PHINMA Education in Indonesia, students Muhammad Rakha and Meisya Rafacintya were chosen for the regional Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation – NEXTGen Leadership Program. They will be involved in projects that focus on mental health in Asia.

Employability and Making the Lives of Others Better

“By intent and design, PHINMA Education caters to those who need it most. Because of this, we did away with prohibitive entrance exams, provided financial assistance and psycho-social interventions, and tailored our learning strategies to their capabilities and resources. Now, as the economy recovers from the events of the past three years, we are focusing on empowering our students and graduates even further,” said Chief Learning Officer, Francis Larios.