P.A. Properties offers flexible payment terms, waived penalties to buyers and homeowners to ease financial difficulties

Laguna-based property developer P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corporation (P.A. Properties) offers buyers and homeowners the opportunity to avail of its Penalty Condonation Program to condone penalties of buyers due to non-payment because of financial difficulties.

P.A. Properties’ Penalty Condonation Program waives penalty fees and provides flexible payment terms for buyers and homeowners facing financial challenges due to the pandemic. This program helps individuals manage their budgets and income effectively, offering much-needed relief during uncertain times.

“P.A. Properties knows that the last three years were the hardest that we’ve experienced as a company, much more as a country. Bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the struggles faced by our fellow Filipinos. The Penalty Condonation Program is our own way of helping our buyers and current homeowners with their financial difficulties and working budgets.” shares Atty. Marianne Lina-Cruz, President and CEO of P.A. Properties.

With this initiative, P.A Properties is committed to be “kasama sa pangarap mo” of Filipinos aspiring and dreaming to become homeowners.  

“We believe that each and every one of us has a role to play to help recover from the effects of the pandemic. For us here in P.A. Properties, we can, at least, help our buyers save their accounts from cancellation through our Penalty Condonation Program. We try to continue to live up with our mission of helping our fellow Filipinos with their homeownership journey.” concludes Atty. Marianne Lina-Cruz, President and CEO of P.A. Properties.

Homeowners of P.A. Properties may access the program online or by visiting any P.A. Properties office to settle their arrears. For more information on the Penalty Condonation Program, please visit the P.A. Properties website (www.paproperties.com.ph) or Facebook page.