Nourish your skin with love!

Mestiza has been in the market of making skin glow with confidence for women, but more than this brand’s promise and benefit, Mestiza also wants to give thanks to there alheroes that put all the love in this wonder-soap — The farmers. Through the years, this product has been loyal and always consistent in making its formula truly natural, thanks to the efforts of our farmers that make sure all the natural ingredients used in all variants of the soap are safe and fresh, From carrots, bananas, calamansi, papaya, and up to the most important component of the soap, the extra premium VCO, our farmers have always cultivated the best crops and ingredients. These ingredients have proven benefits, making our skin protected, smooth, healthy, and glowing. Our skin absorbs everything we put onto it, and as we lather Mestiza’s finest ingredients on our skin and make it part of our skincare, both our skin and the business of our farmers will glow and thrive!

For inquiries and orders, visit call hotline 0917-3156192 /0922-8887884.Available in all leading drug stores and supermarkets nationwide.