Mo & Bear PH: Bringing Quality Products to Filipino Homes

A family of four cat-parents decided in 2022 to develop an online platform with the goal to give every Filipino home access to high-quality pet care, home care, and lifestyle products. Inspired by their love for their cats and driven by their passion for business, the family envisioned Mo & Bear PH to be your go-to platform in discovering quality products that also promote health, wellness, and sustainability.

“We wanted to build a network of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors whose products and services meet our standards of quality, safety and value,” shared Bernard C. Suiza, President of Azius Ventures Corporation, at their brand and product launch held at Yebisu Ramen Daang Hari in Bacoor, Cavite.

Mo & Bear PH produces its own brand, Purr Delight, a wet cat food that comes in two tuna-based flavors: Tuna in Jelly and Tuna in Moringa. It is the country’s first moringa-enhanced wet cat food. 

Made with real tuna flakes and without extenders or artificial flavors, Purr Delight is a healthier option compared with other brands in the market. It is produced locally, sourced sustainably, and is certified by the Bureau of Animal Industry. But most importantly, this product is tested and certified to be well-loved by cats.

Mo & Bear PH also distributes another proudly Filipino brand, Happy Life Organics. Happy Life’s products include the Happy Life Hand Gel Sanitizer, Happy Life Waterless Shampoo, Pet Shampoo and Conditioner, Pet Neem Soap, and many more. Their extensive line of products are all-natural and eco-friendly, making them a perfect fit for the platform. 

Mo & Bear also carries Archies footwear, the world’s “comfiest” flip-flops. Designed by physical therapist Daniel Jones, Archies Arch Support Thongs feature a built-in patented arch support made of a specialized memory foam footbed that cradles and molds to your feet. So now your traditional flip-flops can give you all the benefits of orthotic footwear.

“We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Every item is handpicked, tested and vetted to guarantee its quality and reliability,” Bernard Suiza said.

Daughter Trish Suiza emphasized, “All of the products that we put on the platform are products we are excited to use ourselves.”

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