Merienda by Pan de Manila: Opening the Door Today to the Memories of Yesterday

Did you know that Pan de Manila, renowned for baking the nation’s favorite pandesal, has a restaurant cafe?

As the Paskong Pilipino season unfolds, Merienda by Pan de Manila extends a warm welcome to families seeking not just a meal but an experience that encapsulates the nostalgic essence of a true Pinoy Christmas.

Made for families desiring a shared feast reminiscent of home-cooked meals, Merienda by Pan de Manila presents timeless classics like crispy beef tapa and palabok espesyal, alongside culinary innovations such as lumpiang embutido and lechon belly batchoy.

Radiantly illuminated, adorned with classic wood moldings, and featuring the iconic capiz, Merienda by Pan de Manila aims to evoke feelings of reminiscing the past, providing both the generations of yesterday and today with a sense of comfort. Accompanied by a steaming mug of Café con Leche or the enticing aroma of melted butter on puto bumbong and the sweet taste of coconut on bibingka — nothing beats a good Merienda.

Merienda by Pan de Manila envisions a space where the scents and flavors of the food stir memories of heartfelt conversations at your grandparents’ homes during merienda. Pan de Manila aspires to create an environment where local patrons can savor classic Filipino meals and treats, elegantly served in a warm and cozy Pinoy setting.

Nostalgia meets excitement as Merienda by Pan de Manila serves up lovingly prepared meals from scratch. They have curated the finest flavors from different provinces, making them accessible to city dwellers.  Upon stepping inside, the familiar scents of various Filipino dishes being cooked transport you to afternoons eagerly awaited — the delightful aroma of arroz caldo and garlic Lucban longganisa envelops your senses; the rich aroma of coconut cream in a traditional palayok as ginataan is prepared, or the first sip of tablea tsokolate made from freshly ground cacao on the batirol soothes your soul.  Christmas favorites like puto bumbong and bibingka are also on the menu year-round.

Why merienda? The key to any Filipinos’ heart (and stomach) lies in these afternoons reserved for sumptuous snacks like arroz caldo and suman with cocojam and muscovado.  Recall helping your grandmother in her kitchen preparing these delectable treats. For Pan de Manila, Merienda is not just a snack; it is a ritual that strengthens family bonds — a time for stories and lighthearted conversations with loved ones.

Merienda by Pan de Manila invites everyone to pause, savor, and relive the warmth of childhood days. Let the familiar flavors of Filipino food transport you back to cherished memories of home.

Visit any of these Merienda by Pan de Manila branches: Rockwell Ortigas, Rockwell Sheridan, Santolan Town Plaza, Four E-com Center Pasay, SM City Batangas, and Ayala Center Bloc Cebu. Follow them on Instagram: @meriendamanila.