Meet the Agonsulits: The Squad That Eats Together, Stacks Savings Together with McDelivery

In the Agoncillo household, where vibes are chill and the living’s smart, Ryan and Judy Ann —along with their daughter Luna—turn every day into #SavingsGoals. Dubbed the “Agonsulits“, this family shows us that being frugal doesn’t have to be a drag. It’s all about living large without the splurge, proving you can keep it 100 with budget-friendly moves that still deliver all the feels.

Imagine kicking back at a peaceful lakeside, just the family and nature vibing together. No expensive setups, just good old-fashioned quality time. That’s the Agonsulit style. And when it comes to home hacks? Ryan’s got it down. In a post that went viral recently, it was shown that when little Luna had a wiggly tooth, Ryan didn’t rush to the dentist. Nope, he just whipped out some dental floss and gently turned dentist, showing that sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest—and cheapest.

Public transport isn’t just a way to get around; it’s a classroom on wheels. For their eldest daughter Yohan, Judy Ann says, her lessons in life don’t happen in a lecture hall alone but on buses and jeepneys, learning the real deal about money and how the average Joe lives and travels. For the Agonsulits, this is not just practical; it’s a way to stay grounded and connected to their roots.

Money talks in the Agoncillo home are never off the table. Ryan and Judy Ann keep it real with open convos about the cash flow, ensuring everyone from the eldest to the youngest knows how the money works and why saving is cool. It’s about setting up a future that’s as secure as it is bright, and keeping everyone in the loop means every choice is a shared win.

“We believe in being smart with our resources, which means finding quality options that are also affordable. Wais kaming mag-asawa pagdating sa pamilya. Gusto namin mataas na kalidad at murang-mura para sulit. Kaya nga Agonsulit di, ba?

(We’re wise when it comes to family spending. We want high quality for low cost because that’s what makes it worthwhile. That’s why they call us Agonsulit, right?),” asserts Judy Ann.

When the munchies hit, McDelivery is their hero, delivering big flavors without the big price tag. Judy Ann, with her chef’s insight, puts it simply: “McDelivery isn’t just quick food; it’s smart eating. It’s about getting our favorite meals without the guilt.” The app is a staple on their phones, loaded with deals that keep every meal exciting and economical.

Malaking ginhawa ang experience namin sa McDelivery. Sulit talaga! (The experience we have with McDelivery is truly comforting. It’s really worth it!). It’s not just about ordering food; it’s about the convenience, variety, and affordability that it brings to our family’s table,” she adds.

Level up your hangout game the Agonsulit way with the McDelivery App. Movie night magic happens with the Chicken McNuggets Family Bundle (Php599), composed of 20 McNuggets, BFF fries, and three Coke Floats. It’s a blockbuster deal without the blockbuster prices. Whether you’re Team Big Mac or all about that Quarter Pounder life, the Burgers Family Bundle (Php699) covers all bases with burgers, fries, and Coke floats to please the crew. Feeding the whole squad? The Chicken McShare Family Bundle (Php799) brings the feast with chicken, spaghetti, and Coke floats, making sure no one’s left hungry. These aren’t just meals, however, they’re meal savers, making sure the family eats like kings on a jester’s budget.

In this fam, even the kids are in on the budgeting game. Using apps isn’t just for snaps and laughs; it’s for learning the ropes of digital pesos and cents. “Teaching our kids to budget through apps like McDelivery makes money management relatable and real,” says Judy Ann.

For those new to the McDelivery experience, there’s an extra treat: first-time users can score a free six-piece Chicken McNuggets with a minimum order of PHP 500. And it gets even better — all users enjoy free delivery with a minimum order of just PHP 450, making it easier and more affordable to indulge in your favorite meals.

Why not roll like the Agonsulits and turn your next mealtime into a major win? Check out the McDelivery app and snag those family bundles. As Ryan puts it, “Grab the app, pick your fave deals, and watch how you can feast without the fuss. Let’s make those meal moments epic and economical.”

So, when you’re feeling the munchies, remember it’s all about smart choices and chill vibes. Swipe into McDelivery and switch up your meal game—where every bite is about living large without spending big.