McDonald’s PH Levels Up Their Best-Ever Burger Experience With Exciting New Dishes!

Building on their commitment to delivering the Best-Ever Burger Experience, McDonald’s introduces new, nostalgic sides that will elevate the entire meal experience.

Since July 2023, McDonald’s introduced many small changes in every layer of their already iconic burgers to make one big difference their customers can taste.

At the heart of McDonald’s Best-Everrr Burgers and the star for this year: their Double Cheeseburger, are the upgraded buns, which boast a softer texture and a shiny glaze that makes them moist chewy, and toastier to golden brown perfection.

But the improvements don’t stop there because the cheese is melted to the right temperature, ensuring just the right amount of satisfying meltiness, the 100% beef patties are juicier thanks to a wider gap in the flattening grill, and the vegetables fresher with a 60% reduction in stored vegetables. It’s no wonder McDonald’s is bannering their Best-Ever Burgers which are truly hotter, juicier, and tastier vs previous recipe too!

To further give its menu a more Filipino flavor profile, it is pairing the Double Cheeseburger with new items whose tastes were inspired by popular flavor profiles back in the 1980s and 1990s.

“By incorporating familiar Filipino flavors into our menu, we are not only catering to the Filipino palate but also creating a shared experience across generations,” said Katrina Lee-Chua, Director for Marketing & Channels.

The new side selections include the Sweet Corn McShaker Fries, which has a sweet and salty taste with a distinct sweet corn flavor shaken into McDonald’s World-Famous Fries. A complement to its flavor is the chocolatey, nutty, and sweet ChocNut Sundae and McCafe ChocNut Frappe, whose tastes remind one of the popular Filipino sweet treat — all of which will be available for a limited time only!

“With our Best-Everrr Burgers and new nostalgic sides, we aim to create unforgettable moments and deliver feel-good experiences that keep our fans of all ages coming back for more,” said Lee-Chua.

The McDonald’s Sweet Corn McShaker Fries can be enjoyed ala carte in Medium, Large or BFF, or as your fries upgrade to any meal. The ChocNut Sundae likewise may be enjoyed ala carte or as an add-on to your meal for only Php 55 while the ChocNut Frappe is available in Medium and Large ala carte or as an upgrade to your drink at branches of McDonald’s with McCafe only.

Exciting promotions of the new items will be available through the McDonald’s App in the coming week! To stay updated on McDonald’s Philippines’ latest products and promotions, follow its official Facebook and Instagram accounts and join its Viber community.