Making it easier for women and moms: Habits and toolsfor an improved health and home

Achieving better health has risen to the top of Filipinos’ priorities, especially these past two years with the global crisis putting the spotlight on the importance of strong immunity. Lifestyle changes brought about by the restrictions of the pandemic shifted the focus to home life. Many are realizing the connection between personal health and enhanced home life or healthier living for the entire family.

Looking after the family’s health while attending to one’s health and well-being is a big responsibility. Women, specifically mothers, have taken this on, often with seeming ease being the ilaw ng tahanan that they are. This International Women’s Month, let’s explore more tips and trends, even how to maximize technology, to help today’s women and mothers achieve a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families not just during this pandemic but in the years to come.

Stay fit with online workouts and hybrid fitness

Thanks to online workout sessions, women and moms unable to hit the gym or do outdoor activities, perhaps because of lockdown restrictions or heavy load juggling work and home, can and remain active in the safety and comfort of their home.There is no excuse not to exercise as these workouts are free and accessible anytime, morning, midday or even in the evening after office hours.

There is also a variety of classes and topics, from HIIT, yoga, Zumba, Pilates to cardio and even boxing and similar activities, all of which can be viewed on the PC, tablet or the phone. There are even workout schedules and plans made specifically for mothers!

Home workouts break the monotony of indoor living besides keeping one fit and healthy. They  can also be an opportunity to bond with the kids or other members of the household and even inspire them to stay fit as well. Having company while working out makes it more fun, after all.

With mobility restrictions now more relaxed, women and moms can explore hybrid fitness,a mix of exercising using online fitness programs and visiting the gym. A Kantar survey commissioned by Evolution Fitness proved that this practice helped the majority of gym-goers stay active and motivated to reach with their fitness goals, even when they are staying at home most of the time.

As being consistent in working out can be challenging, having a workout buddy is sometimes necessary.Nowadays, virtual tools such as health monitoring apps and smart wearables with built-in exercise guides and even calorie and heart rate monitor can help users track their progress and motivate them to sustain their routines.

Go for healthier meals

Watching one’s intake is just as important as exercising. Aside from ditching junk and processed foods, go, glow and grow foods are most crucial. With home cooking becoming the norm, more women and moms are transforming their and the whole family’s diet by committing to well-balanced,healthier meals. Emerging food trends, for example, include the probiotic-rich diet and juice cleansing for a more refreshed and recharged body.

A wide range of meal plan ideas, including specific ones such as plant-based, vegan and high-protein can be found online for reference. There are customizable meal plans for pregnant women and people with specific food considerations. There are even tutorials and for those who want to access more information, some sites offer subscriptions for masterclasses.

There are also meal planning apps depending on one’s needs. There are apps for healthy eating, weight management and even quick meals for the busy career woman or homemaker. Digital calorie tracking devices are also useful for monitoring one’s intake.

Balance real and virtual lives

Mental health is as important as physical health. While it is true that digital devices and online platforms are now an inherent part of Filipinos everyday lives, excessive use of and reliance on these can – and do — take a toll on one’s mental health.

Limit time online and use of gadgets to meaningful hobbies or activities such as mindfulness apps, podcasts, news, online workouts and other recreational apps. Online games can be relaxing and can even be a bonding time with family and friends, but too much of these might be counter-productive.

Get enough sleep

Revenge procrastination is a growing trend these days: Many delay going to sleep to scroll away on the phones or binge on a series because they were not able to do so during the day.

But getting enough sleep is very important. Lack of sleep affects one’s concentration and energy the next day, not to mention weakens the immunity. Instead of browsing through social media before heading to bed, why not try sleep apps with calming music?

Some sleep apps are designed for kids as well so these can be shared with them for some bedtime bonding. Turning the notifications notch off likewise helps one enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Stay hydrated with clean, safe water

Proper hydration is one of the best ways to help the body fight viruses and bacteria and stay healthy for the long term. Making sure the family has access to healthy and safe drinking water is a must.

Waterlogic, the leading global provider of home and workplace hydration solutions, makes drinking safe and pure water an easy habit for all members of the family with its high-grade purifying technology installed right in the kitchen. The Aqua SmartGuard water unit champions smart technology to purify drinking water, making it cleaner and safer for consumption compared to traditional water dispensers and refilling stations.

Innovative tools such as antibacterial and virus-killing devices help homeowners take home safety and cleanliness to the next level. The Aqua SmartGuard features state-of-the-art technologies such as the patented Firewall UVC technology, which eliminates contaminants and makes sure bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus, do not touch the water. Its carbon filter also removes particles that give the water a bad taste and odor while leaving the necessary and healthy minerals that are good for the body.

The modern and stylish “cube” also features BioCote antimicrobial surface protection for added safeguard against bacteria and viruses.

To make healthy living easier for women and moms and take away the tiresome task of maintenance, Waterlogic has the family’s healthy hydration needs covered with ease through its Total Care Service –a worry-free, maintenance experience from unit installation, regular replacement of filters and UVC lamps to and maintenance of the Aqua SmartGuard unit, all included in the monthly subscription fee. With the Aqua SmartGuard, healthy hydration is now made easy. Even more, the family can enjoy high-quality drinking water with the cube’s rich range of water temperature selection from ambient and cold to hot and extra hot,flexible for everyone’s drinking needs and preferences.

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