Make yourself at home with these friendly appliance solutions

If you’re thinking of buying new appliances to make your home life experience more pleasant and efficient, it’s a good idea to choose home solutions that go beyond their usual features and functions. For example, instead of buying a vacuum cleaner that you need to assemble and drag around to tidy up the house, why not get a cute robot vacuum cleaner that efficiently sucks in dust and dirt and, when power is low, charges by itself?

CEO and general manager of Concepcion Midea Inc. Philippines Philip Fargas Trapaga

This is exactly what Midea, the world’s largest producer of major appliances, is aiming for in developing its products. According to Philip Fargas Trapaga, CEO and general manager of Concepcion Midea Inc. Philippines (CMIP), the company behind Midea in the Philippines, the brand’s promise is to provide surprisingly-friendly home solutions and it has recently launched its motto, “Make Yourself at Home”.


“Our homes have become spaces for rest and work during lockdown. Because this is our sanctuary, we, at Midea are constantly developing solutions that will make the homes of our customers a genuine sanctuary – whether they’re working, doing chores or simply bonding with loved ones. Our commitment as a company is to deliver innovative products for those who want to treasure every moment spent at home.”

Here’s a quick look at the innovative and delightful new home appliances from this global brand:

Midea SmartShell Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner that cleans and recharges by itself!

Manual sweeping and cleaning of floors requires physical effort. But with the Midea SmartShell Robot Vacuum Cleaner (P10,995), you can save a lot of energy and cleaning time as it does all the labor for you. Its battery lasts for 60 minutes plus 15 minutes duration time, and automatically attaches itself to the charging dock when the battery is low to make sure it does not run out of power. The Midea SmartShell Robot Vacuum Cleaner—which comes in four cleaning modes: auto, spot, edge, and zigzag—can efficiently clean hard floors, thin carpets, and hard-to-reach areas with an anti-fall sensor that detects floor edges so it won’t fall from high areas.


Midea Plasma Air Purifier

Air purifier that delivers 360 degrees of clean air

The ongoing pandemic has reinforced the need to breathe in healthy air and maintain a clean environment. This can be possible with the Midea Plasma Air Purifier (P12,995) which has Dualmax filters that guarantees 360 degrees of clean air delivery, and three powerful sensors that detect TVOC, formaldehyde, and small particles as PM 2.5, and pet dander. The Midea Plasma Air Purifier can deliver purified air for up to 60 square meter space, and it also features real time air quality, and PRO Microscopic Purification to effectively capture 99.97% air pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

Midea Portable Aircon Series


Cool air you can bring anywhere

Hot or humid days can make us weak, uncomfortable, and sometimes even dizzy or lightheaded. On such days, you can easily relieve the discomfort, anywhere you are at home with the Midea Portable Aircon Series (1.0 HP – P18,995, and 1.5 HP – P21,595) because it’s easy to set-up and can conveniently fit into any part of your home. It also has a built-in ionizer which fills the air with healthy negative ions. Meanwhile, the anti-dust filter helps in capturing particles including allergens such as pollen and dust.

Midea 20L Silver Digital Microwave Oven


Super energy-efficient microwave oven

Everyone staying at home means greater energy consumption. So now is the perfect opportunity to consider switching to energy-saving home appliances such as the Midea 20L Silver Digital Microwave Oven (P4,295). It only costs P1 in electricity for three minutes of cooking. Plus, it also features a Child Lock Program where the microwave’s control panel will be “locked” so that children or those unfamiliar with it will not be able to change your settings accidentally.


Midea Twin Tub Washer Series

With most households washing their clothes more often these days, it’s important to have a durable washing machine that can withstand the wear and tear with regular use. Midea offers the perfect solution with the Twin Tub Washer Series (6kg Washer -P6,095, 8kg Washer – P9,995 and 10kg Washer – P11,895), an economical and reliable washing partner. Consuming only P1 on electricity per wash load, it conveniently features Dual Cleaning Motion and a Spin Air Dry so you won’t need to manually hand scrub and twist the clothes dry.

Make staying at home an even more pleasant experience with these innovative appliances from Midea.