Lucky Chinatown Displays Over 8,000 Flowers for Mother’s Day

Lucky Chinatown is celebrating Mother’s Day in grand fashion as it proudly presents “A Symphony of Petals & Grace,” a 13ft. installation made of more than 8,000 flowers that promises to captivate visitors as part of its “Mom-Kissed Summers” campaign. The grand display is available to the public from May 9-12 at the mall’s atrium.

The blooming spectacle crafted in partnership with Catherine Lopez and CATZ Creative Events Marketing & Advertising, features a rotating ballerina mannequin meticulously adorned by the flowers, in a breathtaking display that captures the energy of the season and elegance of maternal grace. Stretching over 12 feet wide and standing at over 13ft, the installation is a symbol of mom’s warmth, love, and nurturing care, calling guests to take this time to bond with the entire family.

Additionally, live musical performances by Chiang Kai Shek College students will serenade moms as they shop on May 12, with free flowers and special gifts available. Furthermore, Lucky Chinatown is hosting a special retail fair, running from May 6-15, offering a variety of mom-approved favorites and essentials. Finally, with a minimum purchase of ₱1,500, moms can unlock unique surprises from The Key to Mom’s Heart activity.

“ ‘A Symphony of Petals & Grace’ is part of our Mom-Kissed Summers celebration – a blooming tribute to the gentle strength and enduring beauty of mothers. We wanted to pay homage to the love and devotion of mothers set against the backdrop of the summer season and this perfectly captures what we envisioned, of how a mother’s love is as graceful and powerful as a ballerina. We invite our visitors to come and create unforgettable memories with their families this Mother’s Day,” shared Lucky Chinatown general manager Nori Mizoguchi.

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