Local celebs share their favorite financial hacks

Your favorite online personalities, Mikael Daez, Sam YG, Dani Barretto-Panlilio, and Camille Prats-Yambao, have found the best way to manage their money. Thanks to digital and online banking, these young parents and newlyweds have figured out how to get their financial transactions out of the way so they can be more flexible with their busy work schedules and most importantly, have more time to spend with their loved ones!

In fact, these influencers have even taken to Instagram, sharing to their followers useful tips and lessons on how to solve some of their important financial tasks while doing them in the comfort of their own homes! 


TIP #1. Say goodbye to “over the counter”

Who says good-old check deposits can’t be as quick and hassle-free as credit card transactions or fund transfers? Host and DJ Sam YG recently shared on Instagram how he conveniently uses the UnionBank app to deposit checks without having to leave his house explaining, “You only need three things, your check, your cellphone, and a ballpen.” Walking his followers through the process, he demonstrated how easy depositing checks is via UnionBank Online with just a few taps.

TIP #2. Finish all your money tasks with one app

Let’s face it, when it comes to paying bills, there is no bigger “chore” than having to settle them by the end of the month. This is one responsibility that most couples often find taxing (no pun intended), especially when adjusting to married life. Mikael Daez, a Filipino actor, shared on Instagram how he is able to settle his bills, including his taxes, through the UnionBank app, discussing how easy it is for him to pay for and settle them all through a platform that has over 500 billers! No enrollment needed!

TIP #3. Set up Goals to save better for the things you deserve!

Having a hard time saving? That’s okay! Mikael also talked about using Set your goals, one of UnionBank Online’s unique features. “This is where I get to put all my goals for saving– saving for that new computer, saving for a night out, saving for that new keyboard for my wife”. With Set your goals, Mikael easily monitors how close he is to his target amount and can even easily top up his savings through scheduled debits from his main bank account. Through the feature, he can also set up to three goals at a time to maximize his saving habits.

TIP #4. Banking on your own schedule

For actress Camille Prats-Yambao, motherhood isn’t something new, being a mom of three kids – Nathan, Nala, and Nolan. She is also a certified momma online, helping parents of all stages with different life hacks and lessons she learned on her own journey of motherhood. This time around, she shares how banking can be done on her own terms without worrying about the usual banking hours. Whether it be through transferring funds during a shoot, paying bills in the middle of her workout, or maximizing her UnionBank Online goals feature in her own personal time, she shares how the usual adult responsibilities don’t have to chip away at the precious time anyone has for themselves or their families.

TIP #5. Get the right support by making the switch

At the peak of the pandemic last year, Dani Barretto-Panlilio decided to make the switch after a bad banking experience. She shared that creating an account was quick and seamless. Thanks to UnionBank Online’s fully digital account opening platform. In her Instagram post, Dani stressed that “convenience and accessibility” are what people need nowadays, and how online banking allows her to balance being a mom to her one-year old Millie, and an entrepreneur with her latest bags business, which she also happened to name after her daughter. 

Bank the way you live

When it comes to making the right financial moves, everyone values the gift of time and convenience above all else. With UnionBank Online, getting your time back so you can spend it however you want to is key to how these online personalities are able to thrive for themselves and their families. Don’t settle with your current banking experience. Breaking the “matiisin mindset” is the first step to fully focus on the things that matter. The next step? Well that’s simple, download the UnionBank Online app from Google PlayStore or the App Store.