Lista’s Ipon challenge shows Filipinos still prioritize long-term value goals

The Ipon Challenge by Lista, a free financial management tool made for Filipino MSMEs, found that Filipinos prioritize the purchase of long-term value items over instant gratification items.

In April 2022, Lista launched its “Ipon Challenge” campaign, which encouraged users to save money and make smarter financial decisions using the app’s new Savings and Sales Target features. The challenge concluded with almost 20,000 of their users joining and a cumulative total of PHP 198 Million in recorded savings through the app.

#IPONGOALS – Based on the profiles of the participants, the top three priorities were: savings for the future, tuition / education, and emergency funds.

Some of the top savings goals identified by Lista users were for personal use such as emergency funds, a house, a motor, and a cellphone, but the number one savings goal was for tuition. Coming from this, Lista is currently running the second leg of their Ipon Challenge, the Tuition Challenge, this time offering up to Php 25,000 which the lucky winner can use to redeem for tuition costs.

Those interested to join the Tuition Challenge only need to download the Lista app on their device, set a savings goal using the app’s Savings feature, and update the savings goal twice a week, where they will earn badges for successfully reaching their savings goal. Participants must share their badges on Facebook with the hashtags #iponchallenge and #listaph to enter the raffle. Deadline for entries is on July 14, 2022.

“In Lista, we’re being guided by what is important to the users and coming from the Ipon Challenge, it’s uplifting to see that people are now saving for things that have long-term impact on their lives,” said Lista co-founder Khriz T. Lim. “We hope that our Ipon Challenges, along with the app, continue to encourage more people to be proactive in saving their money and being mindful of their finances.”

IPON FOR TUITION – Lista is running the second leg of its “Ipon Challenge,” where a lucky Lista user may receive up to Php 25,000 that may be used for tuition costs.

The first Ipon Challenge campaign lasted for more than a month, with users sharing their savings goals for an entry into the campaign’s raffle. Raffle winners received grand prizes such as additional funds for their business, motorcycle for riders, and a brand new laptop to help them manage their businesses.

“We are overwhelmed with how many of our users participated in the Ipon Challenge,” said Lista co-founder Aaron Villegas. “The fact that we managed to help our users save nearly 200 million pesos shows how much of a difference it makes to properly manage your finances. Lista was originally meant to help small businesses, but we’ve seen many people use Lista to manage their personal finances just as effectively.”

Lista is a free financial management tool that aims to improve Filipinos’ financial wellness by simplifying bookkeeping for small businesses and individuals alike in one accessible and powerful app. The app also sends an automatic SMS to people that owe the user money, created after the founders’ observation that Filipinos tend to shy away from following up on loan repayments.

They recently closed their latest series funding, raising over USD 5.1 Million for use in team expansion and expanding beyond business management tools to developing more products for regular individuals looking to manage their personal finance.

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