Introducing Apo ni Tatang’s, the perfect delight for your cravings

Tatang’s is excited to announce our newest food legacy, Apo ni Tatang’s! Apo ni Tatang’s brings the authentic taste of Tatang’s Cebu Lechon in a smaller serving size that perfectly caters to your needs. Each mouthwatering bite is crafted with care, capturing the essence of tradition in every piece. Whether you’re sharing the joy of lechon with your loved ones or savoring it solo, Apo ni Tatang’s promises to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.

Apo ni Tatangs, like real-life “apos” (grandchildren), will undoubtedly bring joy and delight to every family member and friend. Apo ni Tatang’s will develop valued ties as you dine together, making every occasion special, much as Tatang’s Cebu Lechon has been at the heart of family reunions.

Craving this mouthwatering treat already? So, don’t miss out on this exciting new addition to our menu! Gather your loved ones or treat yourself to a delightful feast with Apo ni Tatang’s. Place an order now and indulge in the delectable flavors of Apo ni Tatang’s for only Php 1,500! Our branches and contact numbers are:

Makati Branch: 09178932111

Gilmore Branch: 09188282647 or 82526032

BGC Branch: 9266529702