Hotel Lucky Chinatown officially unveils sensory signature experience

Hotel Lucky Chinatown, along with Megaworld Hotels and Resorts (MHR) 6 brands and 12 property locations across the Philippines, proudly unveils the official launch of “Sampaguita Project,” its revolutionary sensory signature brand of service.

Designed to create unparalleled guest experiences, this initiative aims to redefine the Filipino hospitality through communicating Filipino’s unique culture and creativity with immersive and captivating sensory elements.

“We are ecstatic to be a part of MHR’s innovative project,” says Jeremy Russell Go, the Hotel’s General Manager. He adds, “Our guests will always be at the forefront of everything that we do, and the Sampaguita Project allows us to provide them with unforgettable hotel experiences that cater to their senses, preferences, and desires.”

According to Go, the project’s main goal is to share Megaworld Hotels and Resorts’ culture of heartfelt service and hospitality. “As the Philippines largest homegrown hospitality brand, we celebrate love for country by honouring our roots, educating guests about our culture and bannering Philippine pride.”

Hotel Lucky Chinatown has meticulously created an array of experiences that engage all the five senses, ensuring a complete and memorable level of luxury and comfort throughout their stay.

            SIGHT: Thoughtfully crafted to delight the eyes, the sampaguita design elements serve as a talking point for associates to engage with guests and communicate our sampaguita story.

SOUND: The distinct sound of harana, a warm Filipino greeting, a soothing voice, or a familiar tune may evoke the feeling of nostalgia or a memory that one cannot leave behind.

SMELL: The power of scent in triggering emotions and memories is undeniable. The sweet and pleasant distinct scent is designed to welcome guests and set the ambiance in the lobby and guest rooms. The MHR signature Sampaguita scent will offer a brand recall of memorable experiences within the hotel.

TASTE: MHR is a strong advocate of elevating Filipino cuisine through the support of local produce crafting innovative dishes, and promoting culture through every bite. The brand is proud to bring to the table a unique menu of Sampaguita inspired food and beverage offerings that bring a sense of nostalgia, comfort, and the joys of being home. Embark on a delightful sensory experience as we unravel the subtle flavours of the Sampaguita.

TOUCH: With the four senses of sight, sound, smell, and taste combined, one cannot escape the feeling of nostalgia reminiscent of childhood memories, the warmth of having loved ones near, and the joys of being home. It is an inexpressible feeling of comfort, both familiar yet fresh, and a sense of belongingness

In the same way that the sampaguita is known to be the Philippine’s National Flower, Megaworld Hotels and Resorts envisions to be the Philippine’s preferred homegrown hotel brand and one that every Filipino will be proud of. This unique symbol of Philippine hospitality and pride creates a distinction between Megaworld Hotels and Resorts from other homegrown brands.

This innovative approach is currently being rolled-out across the MHR brands and properties.

For more information about the Sampaguita Project, please visit Hotel Lucky Chinatown’s website, and follow its official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. You may also contact (02) 5318 8188 / 0917 805 6062 to book your stay.