Hands up! Show off clear and smooth underarms with Hello Glow

Haven’t we all experienced being shy about wearing sleeveless tops and lifting our arms because we want to hide our armpits? Now, you can show them off with confidence with the help of Hello Glow Underarm Whitening Set!

The Whitening Set is specially formulated to treat dark spots, acne, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin without the pain. Each product is infused with all-natural products like Papaya, Peony Root, Strawberry Begonia and powerful whitening ingredients such as Kojic and Gluthatione.

Hello Glow Whitening Set comes in three key items for the underarms: the 4-in-1 Whitening Soap for cleansing, Clarifying Toner for toning, and Whitening Cream to moisturize. Products can be bought by set or separately.

Applying is easy in three simple steps! First, wet underarms and lather soap in hands. Apply lather on underarms in gentle, circular motions. Leave for two to three minutes before rinsing. Pat underarm dry. Next, apply Clarifying Toner on the underarm with a cotton pad or your hands. Lastly, apply Hello Glow Whitening Cream in circular motions. For visible results after seven days use, use soap and toner twice daily and the cream daily before bedtime.

Now you can raise your hands and enjoy smooth and even underarm skin tone with Hello Glow Whitening Set (P275) available on Hello Glow’s page on Lazada and Shopee. To know more about Hello Glow, like and follow its Facebook page (@helloglowofficial) and Instagram (@helloglowofficial).