Hanabishi On Chinese New Year Traditions and Ushering in a Bountiful Year

As the world welcomes the Year of the Wood Dragon, Cherish Ong-Chua, the VP for Finance and Marketing of Hanabishi Appliances, reflects on the traditions Filipino-Chinese families celebrate to ring in the Lunar New Year.

“The Chinese believe that abundance during Chinese New Year will carry on for the rest of the year. We observe traditions that would help usher in the blessings for the coming year and at the same time drive away the misfortunes of the past year,” she shared.

Food and Abundance

One of these traditions is the preparation for the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, where families from different generations would gather to share homemade delicacies.

On the dinner table, there would be round fruits that symbolize good fortune. Ong-Chua added that they would also prepare a bowl of rice and put ampao on it. Noodles are also a staple, as they symbolize long life.

She further shared that some of the traditions focus on cleanliness.

“To get rid of the bad luck of the previous year, some of us would get a haircut,” Ong-Chua said. “But we forbid cleaning on the first day of the year as this might sweep away the good luck that would come in the New Year.”

Spreading Good Fortune

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year, Hanabishi Appliances is extending the joyous celebrations to its customers. From February 10 to 29, select appliances can be purchased with a 20% discount.

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