Having an efficient haircare routine is not a matter of time, more and more clients prefer multi-benefit hair products that are effective but can save them time as well. 10 years ago we listened to your needs and we revolutionized the salon market worldwide with our iconic UniqOne™ Hair Treatment, a leave-in haircare product with 10 real benefits that strengthens and repairs hair. This pioneering approach to hair care allowed women all around the world to achieve professional results in the blink of an eye so that they have more time to do precious things.


UniqOne, is  a  range of multi-benefit products that offer professional hair results in no time; for women to do what is really important for them throughout the day. Having great hair is not a matter of time, find out the 10 real benefits that the hair needs to be strong, shiny and moisturized, all in one single product: (1) Repairs dry and Controls hair frizz, (5) Instantly moisturizes, (6) Heat protection, (7) Boosts shine and protects hair color, (8) Softness and manageability, (9) Helps prevent split ends, and (10) Refreshes hairstyle.


Our iconic hair treatment is indubitably versatile. It offers the 10 real benefits every type of hair needs and can do wonders anywhere and at any time, on wet or dry hair.

On wet hair 1.  Spray from a distance of about 20 cm from hair. 2. Detangle hair with a comb. 3. Finish with the usual style: blow dry, straighten, or air-dry. 4. Use the usual finishing product. The recommended number of sprays based on hair length are: long: 10- 15, medium: 7-12, and short: 6-8.

On dry hair 1.  Spray the product onto the palm of your hand. 2. Rub it in between your hands and apply to mid-lengths and ends. 3. If necessary, refresh style with a straightener or dryer. 4. Use the usual finishing product. The recommended number of sprays based on hair length are: long: 4-6, medium: 3-5, and short: 2-3. Obtain all multi-benefit and multi-uses of our UniqOne™ on dry or wet hair.

For outstanding results, pair our leave-in hair treatments with our UniqOne™ all in one shampoo featuring a new and improved formula that provides unparalleled smoothness and frizz control for manageable and shiny hair. However, if the strands require deep moisture, the UniqOne™ all in one hair mask offers you intense nourishment and maximum silkiness for professional results in only 3 minutes.

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