GoldShine Pharmaceuticals Launches Innovative Health Products, Honors Top Performers, Ahead of Jimm’s 29th Anniversary

GoldShine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (GPI), a leading Filipino health and wellness company, announced the launch of two groundbreaking products – Jimm’s 3 in 1 with Spirulina Twinpack and Jimm’s 3 plus 1 Coffee Mix with Korean Ginseng. The event also celebrated the top distributors and sales performers of the Jimm’s Coffee brand across North Luzon, GMMA, and South Luzon.

“The launch underlines our commitment to health and wellness, combining taste with the nutritional benefits of Spirulina and Korean Ginseng,” said Jaime P. Serato, Founder of GPI.

Jimm’s 3 in 1 with Spirulina provides essential vitamins and minerals, balances blood sugar levels, and improves muscle strength and endurance. Jimm’s 3 plus 1 Coffee Mix with Korean Ginseng boasts energy-boosting properties and benefits including improving brain functions and lowering blood sugar and cholesterol.

The unveiling serves as a precursor to Jimm’s 29th-anniversary celebrations, reflecting GPI’s commitment to quality and innovation. “We’re grateful to our loyal customers, dedicated employees, and supportive stakeholders. Their trust and belief in us have fuelled our success,” added Serato.

The event also recognized the exceptional contribution of the top distributors and sales performers from North Luzon, GMMA, and South Luzon.

GoldShine’s new products are available in Mercury drugstore, all major supermarkets, groceries, leading drugstores nationwide, and online through Jimm’s Coffee Website, Lazada, and Shopee.

As it approaches Jimm’s 29th anniversary, GPI is confident that these new product offerings will significantly contribute to the brand’s continuing success.

About GoldShine Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

GPI is a wholly-owned Filipino company that markets coffee mixes, herbal food supplements, and personal care products nationwide. Founded in 1994, the company has launched successful brands including the Jimm’s 5in1 Coffee Mix.

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