Go Hotels Timog-Quezon City Wraps Up Exciting Chinese New Year 2024 Celebration

Following the exhilarating Chinese New Year celebration on February 9, 2024 at Go Hotels Timog-Quezon City, the leading budget hotel chain’s exciting array of promotions continues to unfurl.

While the event dazzled with captivating lion dances and vibrant celebrations, the real highlight lies in the exclusive promotions just beginning to roll out. With Valentine’s Day and other enticing offers on the horizon, guests can look forward to even more excitement in the days ahead from Go Hotels. 

“As we bid farewell to the festivities, let us carry forward the spirit of renewal, prosperity, and unity that the Chinese New Year symbolizes,” expressed Ms. Roselle Reyes, Director of Sales & Marketing (DOSM) of Go Hotels-Roxaco Asia Hospitality Corp. during the event. 

According to Reyes, the Lunar Year serves as the company’s opportunity to hit the refresh button and embrace the Year of the Dragon with open hearts, set exciting goals, and prepare for a year filled with new experiences and opportunities.

“May the Year of the Dragon bring abundant blessings, favorable fortune, and moments of joy to you and your esteemed families. Let us continue to cherish our traditions, uphold our core values, and strengthen the bonds within our communities,” she added. 

Guests were treated to a vibrant Chinese New Year celebration at Go Hotels Timog-Quezon City on February 9, 2024. The event featured captivating cultural performances, including the traditional Lion Dance, attended by hotel guests, tourism personalities, bloggers, media, as well as top company executives and VIPs.