Glow with Mestiza’s Natural Ingredients

Don’t you just love a natural soap that smells good and leaves your skin feeling smooth, healthy, and glowing? This year, everyone is going back to basics– especially with skincare!! This just proves that mother nature is still the best and go-to source to achieve that healthy glow for our skin and the rest of our body.

For skincare, a healthy soap with natural ingredients containing fruit, veggie extracts, and high VCO content means killing two birds with one soap! Say hello to Mestiza! This wonder soap uses the natural benefits of carrots, calamansi, banana, papaya, and extra premium virgin coconut oil to improve the health of our skin, leaving it moisturized, protected, and healthy. Each mentioned ingredient can nourish and replenish the skin, improving its look and feel. The same nutrients you get from these fruits and vegetables can also nourish your skin when applied topically. Here are the natural ingredients of Mestiza and their benefits on our skin:

Extra Premium Virgin Coconut Oill Mestiza has the highest VCO Content in the market. The original variant contains 33% while the prime variants have a generous splash of 40%. VCO is effective in providing moisturizing and antibacterial properties

Papaya l Abundant in papain and vitamin A to help exfoliate the skin                                                          

Carrots l Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to help smoothen and moisturize the skin

Banana l To boost skin’s collagen production and increase circulation

Calamansi l To even out skin tone, manage skin discoloration of the skin, and minimize scars and other blemishes.

So, let your skin glow in health and make Mestiza part of your skincare! Mestiza variants cater to all skin types.

For inquiries and orders,visit or call hotline 0917-3156192/0922-8887884.Available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.