Globe’s Hapag Movement, Lakbay Hibla unite to showcase indigenous fabric, community products

In a dazzling display of creativity and cultural homage, Globe’s Hapag Movement and Lakbay Hibla recently joined forces for a transformative fashion extravaganza celebrating the Indigenous Peoples Month.

The awe-inspiring Lakbay Hibla Project, The IP Fabrics in Travel, highlighted the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines and creations of the Hapag Movement’s talented sewing program participants, who also modeled their products.  The Hapag Movement is a Globe of Good initiative aimed at reducing hunger and providing job opportunities to help families in need.

Monday Gonzalez, Globe Senior Director for Content Management and Creative Services, represented Globe at the event

Organized by JCI QC Diamante with Marianas Momentous Events Management, the impressive Lakbay Hibla event held at the Hotel Lucky Chinatown aimed to promote, preserve and protect the Filipino indigenous fabrics and weaving traditions.

“The Lakbay Hibla project showcases our indigenous fabrics in traditional clothing, as well as contemporary fashion. We asked ASEAN designers to feature them in their designs to promote our woven fabrics not just locally but also in other countries,” said Dani Vicente, JCI Quezon City Diamante President. “We want to help people in a sustainable way.  We don’t want to do a one-time project.  It doesn’t matter if it’s slow as long as it’s sustainable and they can carry it out in the future without our help.”

Hayden Ng, Founder of ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS), echoed Vicente’s statement: “We’re trying to promote the talents and crafts of Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines more to an international platform by coming together with ASEAN designers so there is a market available for them.  It also provides a livelihood for the indigenous people.”

The one-day runway show featured a remarkable lineup of 10 ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #fashionambassadors, who collaborated with JCI Quezon City Diamante to unveil their latest creations. These exceptional designs were brought to life by a cast of 40 talented Filipino models, including ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #modelambassadors Dom Petch from Thailand and Jan Villanueva from the Philippines.

The event’s success extended beyond the runway, offering the Hapag Movement’s sewing program participants a unique opportunity to display their work to a wider audience and opening doors for them in the evolving fashion landscape. The event also served as a platform for them to show that they can be a source of talented and skilled individuals in the fashion industry.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Lakbay Hibla for this event, a platform that not only spotlighted the exceptional skills of our sewing program graduates but also emphasized the Hapag Movement’s dedication to driving positive transformation in the fashion industry. This partnership marks an exciting new chapter, brimming with possibilities for our graduates and the Hapag Movement, fueling our anticipation for what the future holds,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.

The partnership between Hapag Movement and Lakbay Hibla set a new standard for fashion events, proving that when creativity and social responsibility come together, the possibilities are limitless.

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