Globe’s GoRoam and Roam Surf4All available on GCash for Prepaid and TM customers traveling abroad

Globe has made a significant move to enhance its roaming services by making all of its offers, including its recently launched GoRoam and Roam Surf4All offers, available on GCash for its Prepaid and TM customers.

With the popular e-wallet service onboard, Globe Prepaid and TM users can now avail their favorite offers easily using their GCash app. These offers are tailor-made to fit the needs of all kinds of travelers, providing generous data allocations at attractive price points, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity abroad.

GoRoam directly addresses the need for affordable and convenient global connectivity, providing competitive roaming rates that rival those of local SIMs abroad, removing the hassle of switching SIMs while traveling.

Launched in 2023, the service is now available in nine countries: Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, the UAE, Singapore, the USA and, most recently, South Korea.

Country Price GB Duration
Hong Kong P600 3 GB 5 days
Thailand P800 15 GB 8 days
Indonesia P600 25 GB 30 days
Taiwan P600 2.4 GB 10 days
Malaysia P800 5 GB 10 days
UAE P2000 8 GB 28 days
Singapore P1500 20 GB 30 days
USA P3000 20 GB 30 days
South Korea P1600 30 GB 10 days

Meanwhile, Roam Surf4All is the newest innovation by Globe, offering shareable data roaming for up to 5 total users so that only one promo is needed for group travels abroad. With this new offer, Globe breaks down the limitations of popular alternatives like pocket WiFi where people need to carry an extra device, pay extra fees like security deposits, and be side-by-side at all times to stay connected.

With Roam Surf4All, there’s no need to carry another device while abroad. With just a few clicks, you can already enjoy connectivity and instantly share GBs to family and friends. The best part is whether you wish to explore together or enjoy your own free time, proximity is no longer something you need to worry about.

Currently, the following Roam Surf4All offers are available:

Promo Price GB Duration PHP/person/day
Roam Surf4All 2599 P2599 5GB 5 days P104
Roam Surf4All  5499 P5499 10GB 15 days P73
Roam Surf4All  7499 P7499 12GB 30 days P50

“Integrating Globe with GCash underscores our commitment to delivering the most convenient and affordable means of connectivity while abroad so our customers can have a worry-free travel experience.

With GoRoam and Roam Surf4All now accessible via GCash for Prepaid and TM subscribers, mobile users will now find that it’s easier to register to Globe’s data roaming packs. Customers can not only subscribe to promos for their own use, but can also easily buy roaming promos for their family and friends.

This partnership reflects our dedication to empowering both leisure travelers and even our kababayans abroad with the freedom to travel globally. With Globe and GCash delivering innovative offers at never-before-seen rates, more and more travelers can rely on roaming as their trusted connectivity partner abroad,” said Paula Rivera-Castillo, Head of Globe International Business.

To subscribe to GoRoam or Roam Surf4All offers through GCash, customers just need to select “Load,” scroll to the right and select the “Roaming & Int’l” category, then choose their desired roaming promo. A confirmation SMS will be sent once the payment is processed, activating the chosen data promo for use.

This development is part of Globe’s ongoing efforts to redefine roaming services, offering a competitive advantage over local SIMs and pocket WiFis in terms of price, convenience, and coverage. By making GoRoam and Roam Surf4All available through GCash, Globe is not only catering to the connectivity needs of its customers but also reinforcing its position as a forward-thinking leader in the telecom sector.

For more information on GoRoam and Roam Surf4All, Globe Prepaid and TM customers are encouraged to visit