Glam, Glitz, and Streaming Hits: The BIGO Awards Gala

Celebrating the Best of 2023

Philippines’ number one live-streaming platform, BIGO Live, starts the year on a high note as it revels in the success of being a trailblazer in the country with their signature Bigo Awards Annual Gala held on January 11, 2024, at The Manila Hotel. The event was dedicated to honoring the platform’s extraordinary live streamers and their commitment to excellence in the digital space.

BIGO Live Philippines anticipates an exhilarating year ahead, building on the success of 2023. During this remarkable period, they expanded their user base and ventured into the digital realm supported by captivating offline events like BIGO Nights, their Mid-year Gala, and the SLAY Model search in collaboration with MAC Cosmetics.

“Our mission is to forge unbreakable connections and pave the way for host opportunities. We recognize that our hosts and content creators are not just contributors but the backbone of our enduring success. It’s a commitment to empowerment, a promise to amplify voices, and a dedication to a future where every creator’s potential knows no bounds,” said Ian G., BIGO Live Philippines Country Manager.

In recognition of their extraordinary hosts who have made an impact in their respective communities, BIGO championed 22 awards throughout the night including the GALA Top 1 Agency, awarded to PRIME Agency, for their strategic impact in shaping the landscape of live streaming content on the platform.

“We are not just an agency, we are a family. That’s what we want to communicate to all. We treat our supporters as family, and since we are global, we make it a point to meet with our global Filipino audience when they come home. We create activities to interact with them so that they feel that “This agency is a part of their lives, not just on BIGO but in real life,” said Jovie Concepcion, Co-founder of PRIME Agency.

“Most of our viewers are mostly Overseas Filipino Workers, so we’d like to have more in-person activities where they are more involved, and we’re gearing our content to cater to this global  Filipino audience so that they can go on BIGO and feel like they’re home” Conception added.

Parading in Old Hollywood Glam, live streamers across all categories and niches – from fashion and lifestyle to sports graced the evening alongside singer and host Zendee Tenerefe and social media star Kim Baranda. Streamed live on the app itself, the Awards Gala garnered over 180,000 views.

Twenty-one other awards were given including Powerhouse Agency Of The Year,  Most Popular New Host of the Year, Most Popular Livehouse Star of the Year, and Super Giver of the Year. Jannine Cartagena (Bigo ID: Ninjajannine) received the most number of awards for the night with a total of 5 awards. These are the PK Star, Rangking Star, Best DIYOnline Event Family, PK Guinness Record Breaker of the Year, and Top 1 Family, which she received on behalf of The Daniels.

“I am overwhelmed by the love and support, but this award just proves that passion and perseverance can bring you far. I used to just stream with scotch tape. I’d buy a roll every day. Since I didn’t have a ring light, I’d use a fluorescent, even if it was too hot on my skin. It was all raw determination, but thanks to the incredible community that BIGO Live has cultivated, I get to be where I am today”  said Cartagena.

Beyond the glitz of the BIGO Awards Gala, the brand’s commitment extends to providing creators with exciting prospects for growth and success. BIGO strengthens its creator monetization policies and amplifies fame exposure for up-and-coming content creators.

As BIGO embarks on the journey through 2024, it reaffirms its commitment to shaping the future of live streaming, setting the stage for excellent hosts and empowered online communities.

Share the experience and show your support to the content creators who have been the heartbeat of the community by downloading and voting on the BIGO app available on Google Play and App Store.

Stay tuned through BIGO’s website and their social media channels Facebook and Instagram for more news and updates.