Getting banked with Maya is your ticket to all-year-long travel in 2024!

Maya, the #1 Digital Bank in the Philippines, is kicking off the New Year with an exhilarating opportunity for its users to jet-set around the world throughout 2024. It’s a Happy YOU year, as users can experience the thrill of winning unlimited flights for the entire year just by saving, spending, investing, or borrowing with Maya. Here are the exciting things in-store when you get banked with Maya:

New Year, New Bank

Experience financial prosperity like never before, earning up to 14% interest p.a. on your Savings when using Maya for transactions. And that’s not all! Recently unveiling the Time Deposit Plus service, Maya guarantees high returns and allows deposits anytime, enabling up to 5 active accounts concurrently. Enjoy no minimum balance and a low total goal amount of at least ₱5,000 to start earning up to 6% p.a.

New Card Around The World

Open a Maya savings account, deposit, and spend ₱250 to claim your card for FREE! The global and personalized Maya Card empowers you to shop, dine, subscribe, and pay effortlessly in over 130 million local and global merchant partners. Effortlessly top up your card using Maya Credit for seamless transactions.

New Year, New Challenge

Utilize Maya for savings, spending, investing, and borrowing to earn raffle entries. So, while growing your savings, swiping your Maya Card, leveraging Maya Credit, paying your bills, buying load, or exploring investment opportunities through Maya Funds, Stocks, and Crypto, each transaction brings you one step closer to being one of the four lucky winners of UNLI flights and jetting off on countless adventures for the entire year. It’s not just about financial empowerment; it’s about elevating your experiences beyond boundaries!

In its continuous commitment to redefining banking experiences, Maya stands tall as the leading Digital Bank in the Philippines, offering a range of features designed to empower users on their journey toward prosperity.

Experience the limitless opportunities with Maya – where every step is a stride towards the ultimate reward of a year filled with travel and financial empowerment. Join Maya today and set sail into a year of excitement and adventure!

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