French skincare brand Isispharma launched in the Philippines

Leading Philippine skincare distributor DMark Beauty recently launched the French skincare brand Isispharma Dermatologie in the Philippines, introducing three transformative product lines proven to preserve and restore the skin’s natural balance.

A visionary leader, the driving force behind DMARK Beauty, the esteemed CEO, and Beautyprenuer, Nikki Tang

DMark Beauty, the global beauty expert, brings in top quality dermatological solutions and methodologies from some of the world’s foremost names in skincare. Founded in 1998, the company provides beauty solutions beyond compare. Trusted by medical professionals all over the country, DMark is the market leader in the distribution of effective anti-ageing skincare and minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment in the Philippines.

Isispharma is a global pioneer in the treatment of skin disorders, from hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and vitiligo to everyday complaints such as acne. Over 14,000 dermatologists recommend its products in 80 countries.

Acquired in 2002 by the DEWAVRIN Group, Isispharma traces its roots to Christian Diehl, a pharmacist based in Bourg-en-Bresse, France, who founded Isispharma Laboratory in 1987 to focus on the natural balance – homeostasis – and the imbalances of the skin to create solutions that help regain healthy skin.

Isispharma was unveiled in Manila at the Shangri-La at The Fort with more than 250 dermatologists and medical experts in attendance. Top notch doctors Dr Evangeline Handog, Dr. Marie Socouer Oblepias, and Dr.  Johannes Dayrit were present to discuss solutions for pigmentary disorders, acne, rosacea, and more. Throughout the evening, the guests witnessed transformative experiences from experts, and, of course, enjoyed the delightful fusion of skin care, beauty, and good food.

Isispharma, with its range Teenderm, Ruboril, and Neotone, promises not just products but a transformation in how people should care for the skin.

Nikki Tang with Amelie Clement, Dr. Evangeline Handog, Dr. Marie Socouer Oblepias, Dr. Johannes Dayrit, May Chow, and Victoria Zon during the presentation of certificates

Neotone is one of Isispharma’s most popular products. Neotone is a range of complete skincare products designed to cleanse your skin and correct and prevent the appearance of dark spots. It uses the innovative patented complex DEPI-ACT, an essential ingredient in the entire range that addresses each stage of melanin production.

Teen Derm is designed for oily skin, it regulates excess sebum with avocado oil esters, then purifies and exfoliates the skin’s surface. Boswellia extract, with its anti-inflammatory properties, soothes damaged skin so patients can enjoy intensely hydrated skin. Teen Derm carries the patented ALPHA-PURE complex, with clinically proven efficacy after 28 days, containing active ingredients to address all stages of the development of imperfections.

Ruboril: A solution for redness, Ruboril products contain the patented β-CALM complex, which helps strengthen the walls of capillaries, reinforce the skin’s barrier, hydrate, and soothe your skin. The Ruboril range has been meticulously formulated to provide a solution for each type of redness and each level of severity.

Victoria Zon, Director of Marketing Communications at Isispharma Dermatologie says: “For over 30 years, we have been studying the skin’s natural mechanisms and imbalances to preserve and restore its homeostasis thanks to effective solutions that respect your skin. We are very pleased in our partnership with Nikki Tang and DMark Beauty which makes our wide range of patented technology and skincare solutions accessible to Filipinos.”

Nikki Tang, CEO of DMark Beauty says, “We are delighted at DMark Beauty to bring Isispharma to the Philippines as part of our brands’ joint commitment to accessible, collaborative, transparent, and effective skincare solutions for everyone. Isispharma’s Neotone, Teen Derm, and Ruboril will prove to be revolutionary for skincare health in the Philippines, and we are excited to add more of Isispharma’s range in the future.”

DMark Beauty is the exclusive distributor of Isispharma in the Philippines. Neotone, Teen Derm, and Ruboril are available in authorized dermatology clinics, consult with your doctor to know more.

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