Foundever™ partners with DSWD for Employment Training for Senior High Graduates

Foundever™, a global leader in the customer experience (CX) industry, has taken a step towards empowering the next generation by holding a training session for senior high school graduates.

Titled “Learn2Employ”, the training session aimed to empower the soon-to-be young professionals with practical knowledge and essential skills that would benefit them in their future careers. Through this undertaking, Foundever seeks to aid in the reduction of the unemployment rate and to foster sustainable economic empowerment within these communities. 

“We believe in investing in the future by nurturing young talents,” said Talent Acquisition – Strategic People Program Director, Rowel Villalobos. “This employment training session reflects our commitment to education and community development.”

The project was a collaboration between Foundever, through its University and Community Partnership (UCP) and the Language Academy, and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in NCR who selected the participants for the program. 

Over 30 senior high school graduates joined the training session which covered a range of topics including creating resumes, crafting engaging personal narratives and answering job interview questions. 

“We have always advocated for continuous education not only for our employees but also for the next generation to join the workforce,” said UCP Manager at Foundever, Anthony Fernandez. “We always seek opportunities to provide learning and training sessions for our employees and the communities we serve as part of our commitment to their growth and wellbeing.”

Foundever is known for its outstanding human resource management programs and initiatives. In September 2023, the leading global CX provider won the bronze prize for the Excellence in In-House Talent Pipeline Strategy category at the HR Excellence Awards. Foundever received the award for their “Language Academy at Foundever” program which provides learning programs for individuals who are interested in working in the CX industry to improve their confidence and communication skills.

“We hope to inspire and guide these young people as they embark on their respective journeys towards successful careers,” said Villalobos. 

Foundever plans to continue engaging with educational institutions and the local community, aiming to create more opportunities for skill development and career exploration. “We see this initiative as a long-term investment in building a skilled workforce and contributing to the growth and development of the community,” Villalobos explained. 

By seeking and maintaining partnerships with academic institutions and actively participating in community development, Foundever is not only contributing to the growth of the CX sector but also playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the talented youth in the Philippines. Programs and initiatives like Learn2Employ reflect their dedication to creating a positive impact beyond the corporate world.