Foundever™ celebrates Women’s Month with Women’s Summit on empowerment and leadership; outreach activity for disadvantaged girls

Foundever™, a global leader in the customer experience (CX) industry, celebrated Women’s Month with two successful events designed to empower women in the workplace by fostering their leadership potential and enabling disadvantaged girls to reach for their dreams and achieve a brighter future.

The Foundever Women’s Summit was a testament to the company’s commitment to empowering women. The event featured the remarkable journey of Jag Dhanji, Chief People Officer, Foundever. As a daughter of immigrants, Dhanji’s path to success was not without its challenges. Her story, now one of the most inspiring at Foundever, served as a beacon of hope for aspiring women leaders.

She conducted her leadership presentation at Foundever in Technopoint Ortigas to a rapt audience of employees at the venue and online worldwide. Speaking on transitioning to a leadership role, Dhanji said that it’s essential for a potential leader to grow from being just an individual contributor to someone who can manage a team.

Sharing her insights on leadership, Dhanji emphasized the shift from an individual contributor to team management. She said, “Your contribution is no longer the sole focus, but what you can help your team achieve under your guidance. There comes a point when you and your teamwork in such harmony that you can trust them to deliver as needed.”

She also emphasized the importance of being brave enough to take on new tasks and new projects.  “Don’t shy away from a task, an assignment, or a project simply because you know little or nothing about it. Do take it on–but remember to learn what you need to learn. You’re not expected to know everything, but you will learn more and acquire more skills and competencies if you take on new challenges.”

On corporate social responsibility, Foundever organized an outreach program for disadvantaged girls in Marillac Hills, Muntinlupa, to help them build confidence, promote inclusion, and boost creativity.

A mix of preteen and teenage girls participated in the event, which involved two specially designed activities: the Inspiring Affirmation Challenge and Unleashing Your Creativity.

For the “Inspiring Affirmation Challenge,” the girls were asked to create a journal using the provided training materials. They were then asked to write down and draw things they were grateful for, as well as their dreams and aspirations.

In “Unleashing Your Creativity,” the girls were given a cupcake decorating challenge. Each participant used her creativity and resourcefulness to create outstanding cupcakes using a limited ingredients stash.

“The girls were told that, when imagining their cupcakes, they should think about the person they want to give their cupcakes to. In this way, the girls can express themselves creatively, and we get to learn who inspires them and who is the significant person in their life,” explained Cristine Joy Manalo-Peña, Foundever Total Rewards Manager.

As for the affirmation activity, Manalo-Peña said it was designed to build the participants’ self-esteem, encourage positive thinking, and motivate them to believe that they can realize their dreams and aspirations. Furthermore, both activities encourage the girls to experience a sense of camaraderie and inclusion.

It was Manalo-Peña’s second time volunteering for this activity. According to her, she came back because the stories of these girls inspired her. Despite facing difficulties, they continue to hope and fight the good fight of faith every day, believing that there is more for them and their families. This experience taught me much and made me appreciate life even more.”

Lina Imasa, one of the social workers in Marillac, expressed her gratitude to the Foundever team: “Thank you, Foundever, for visiting us here for the second time. The girls are happy and thankful that there are people who are available to visit and conduct activities like these.”

Dhanji also participated as a volunteer at the event. She said, “It’s a humbling and heartwarming experience. For me, it’s inspiring to see that these young girls of Marillac can envision a brighter future for themselves. Their ability to think beyond their current circumstances and dream about their aspirations is remarkable.”