Flex Your New Phone and Enjoy up to 100% cashback with DITO FLEXPlans

Aiming to provide equal access to everyone to reach their digital aspirations, DITO Telecommunity, the country’s fastest-growing telecommunications provider, continues to make waves in the postpaid scene as it introduces its latest groundbreaking postpaid offering that allows customers to enjoy a total of up to 100% cashback with DITO Handset FLEXPlans.

Available via select Rulls stores nationwide, customers can now choose from a wide variety of handsets and own the phone of their choice through DITO Handset FLEXPlans; at the same time, enjoy a monthly cashback deal with a total value of up to 100% of the handset price.

“Through our partnership with Rulls, we are now the telco that ‘gives’ back. This cashback offer represents our commitment to providing wider opportunities for people to own a phone and enjoy our value-added services- ultimately enabling more Filipinos to reach their digital aspirations,” said DITO Chief Revenue Officer- Consumer, Evelyn Jimenez.

With this cashback promo, customers can essentially retrieve the money they spent, allowing them to spend on other things that they love to do or value the most. Whether for traveling, watching a concert, or buying well-deserved shoes or clothes, there is more to enjoy and FLEX with DITO.

“With DITO, customers will not only enjoy value-packed postpaid plans and generous data allocation, but they are now given the opportunity to own a new smartphone by way of the huge ‘savings’ they will get from our exclusive cashback promo,” Jimenez added.

DITO recently updated its handset plans with whooping data allocations. Customers can choose from FLEXPlan 588 with 15GB data per month plus bonus 15GB for 5G; FLEXPlan 888 with 25GB data plus 25GB data for 5G; FLEXPlan 1288 with 45GB data plus 45GB for 5G; FLEXPlan1688 with 75GB data and bonus 75GB for 5G. All Handset Plans have a contract term of 24 months and include UNLI all-net calls and texts, a 12-month Prime Video subscription, and DITO Rewards points.

Postpaid plan subscribers are also entitled to enjoy other mobile service features such as Data Rollover, and Mobile Number Portability.  With Data Rollover, customers can roll over their remaining or unused data to the following month. Meanwhile, customers can use the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) feature to conveniently transfer their existing Prepaid number to DITO Postpaid.

For more details about DITO Handset FLEXPlans cashback promo, check out https://dito.ph/postpaid or visit select Rulls stores nationwide.

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