Filipinas leading the way for Airbnb’s Host community in the Philippines

Latest data reveals that women are driving Airbnb’s community of Hosts in the Philippines with Filipinas making up over 62% of all Hosts*. Many of them have become pillars in their local communities — employing other women in rural areas, warmly welcoming local and international travelers into their homes and neighbourhoods, and catalyzing local economic activity as travel rebounds.

Even as women have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic during the past two years, many have found hosting with Airbnb to be a significant way for them to support their families, pursue their passions, and achieve success. In fact, in 2021, women Hosts globally received a higher share of 5-star reviews (91%) than their male counterparts (89%)**.

Manila is also home to the highest number of women Airbnb Hosts in the country, followed by Quezon, Cebu, and Tagaytay***. Notably, despite hosting during small windows of opportunities due to the start-stop order of travel restrictions last year, new women Airbnb Hosts who started hosting in 2021 collectively earned over PHP 8 million from January to June****.

“Empowering and creating opportunities for more Filipinas to become entrepreneurs in the tourism sector is important to us. It’s incredibly heartening to hear first hand from our Hosts on how hosting has benefited them, and how they continue to share their warmth and hospitality with guests and in their local neighbourhoods. Our women Hosts are incredibly diverse — they include mothers, travel nomads, small business owners, and women across almost every industry. Airbnb remains committed to growing the diversity of our Host community every year, including our number of women Hosts,” said Mich Goh, Airbnb Head of Public Policy for Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Philippines’ top women Airbnb Superhosts

Hosting with Airbnb has provided Superhost Emily with additional income while still being present for her family

One of the Philippines’ most highly rated Superhosts with the highest share of 5-star ratings in the nation is Emily Avelino, who runs two cozy Airbnb stays nestled in the mountains of Rizal. Emily used to work in the corporate space and retired early to focus more on her family.

Emily loves going the extra mile for her guests, including arranging events and special celebrations for them

She shared, “While I was homeschooling my kids, I prayed for an opportunity that would allow me to still be with my children and yet do something meaningful that I enjoy. I love that I now can host and respond to my guests from anywhere, even when I’m at the grocery store or with my kids – you don’t have to sacrifice family time! Today we employ locals in the mountains to help us run both listings, most of them are working students or mothers who cannot work full time because they take care of their children.”

During the pandemic, Emily went out of her way to refund her guests in full when they requested last-minute cancellations due to health and travel issues. She also purchased a hospital-grade vacuum cleaner and air purifier and regularly tested all her staff. She added, “With the pandemic, there have been so many uncontrollable factors. But what I love most is hearing from my guests how much they enjoy spending time with their loved ones in my home, after they’ve been cooped up for so long during the pandemic.”

For Superhost Luz, hosting on Airbnb brings her incredible joy

When Filipina Superhost Luz Refe retired from her corporate role in the hospitality industry, she started hosting travellers through Airbnb, “I had used Airbnb during my travels abroad, and always loved staying with locals because I get to experience a more authentic way of traveling. Airbnb has allowed me to continue sharing my passion for hospitality, create meaningful connections with strangers and travelers and help them be in the know of Manila — something that really brings joy to my heart.”

Luz has welcomed hundreds of guests, but her favourite memories are of those who have allowed her to become a part of their lives even if for a short span of time. She recently hosted a solo traveler working on his immigration papers for the States, checking in on him daily with snacks and tea and celebrating together when he finally obtained his papers. With her bubbly personality and immense passion for people, Luz has since been able to invest in a small cafe with her hosting income.

 For Filipinas who are considering to be part of Airbnb’s community of Hosts, both Luz and Emily share the same advice to just go for it. For both of them and thousands more women Hosts around the Philippines, hosting is an exciting and rewarding adventure.

Airbnb has made it easier than ever to become an Airbnb Host, with an updated onboarding process that is just 10 steps and a plethora of unique resources and support, such as the ability to pick the brain of an Airbnb Superhost. Last year, Airbnb introduced AirCover, which provides top-to-bottom protection for free to every Airbnb Host with $1 million in damage protection and $1 million in liability coverage. Filipinas interested in hosting can learn more at



*Based on internal Airbnb data as of March 2022

**Based on Airbnb data from January 1 to June 30, 2021

***Based on internal Airbnb data as of March 2022

****Based on internal Airbnb data from January to June 30, 2021