Fight off Soaring Electricity Bills with Samsung’s Energy-Efficient Solutions

This summer, the temperature isn’t the only thing rising. Electricity bills are at an all-time high, and it’s time for Filipinos to look into ways to manage consumption and do their part in saving the environment.

Samsung, the #1 Global TV brand, offers solutions that can help beat the heat and energy costs while having a fun and vibrant summer experience at home with Samsung’s energy-efficient and eco-conscious products.

“At Samsung, our culture of innovation has allowed us to successfully leverage emerging technologies to achieve our commitment of enhancing the lives of Filipinos,” said Chris Almazan, Head of AV for Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO). “In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we aim to push the boundaries of AI’s versatility by contributing to the development of sustainable technologies to improve not just the lifestyle of consumers but society as a whole.”

Built with AI Energy mode and designed with sensors that detect and analyze the environment, Samsung TVs can monitor energy consumption, giving consumers real-time hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly data on how to better manage usage. This technology allows the TVs to automatically adjust settings accordingly to save energy by 12%, cutting down unnecessary electricity costs. Powered by Samsung’s SmartThings, the feature can be enabled by simply opening the app and tapping on it to activate.

Consumers can also do more with Samsung Eco-packaging, which Samsung TVs, particularly The Frame, The Sero, and The Serif, come with. They can be turned into beautifully designed useful household items such as a bookshelf, desk shelf, storage shelf, TV console, and magazine rack. Pets also get a treat as the packaging can be turned into a cat house or cat tunnel.

Samsung TVs can also be paired with the Samsung SolarCell Remote, an initiative to boost the company’s commitment to the environment. Made up of 24% recycled plastics, the Samsung SolarCell Remote is the first-ever rechargeable remote control in the industry, an innovation that reduces consumers’ waste by eliminating the need to discard batteries and purchase new ones. Consumers can also charge the Samsung SolarCell Remote in different ways as it is compatible with USB-C chargers and comes with a solar panel that makes it easy to charge with either sunlight or just indoor lighting.

Additionally, the Samsung SolarCell comes in a sleek design that gives easy control for users. Apps are easily accessible with just a few clicks and the remote is compatible with Bixby Voice Assistant.

Harnessing the power of technology, Samsung continuously innovates and offers solutions that combine sustainability and energy efficiency, and an upgraded, modern way of living that enhances Filipinos’ quality of life.

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