Eton Properties intensifies CSR initiatives in 2024 with TYKFI

Eton Properties Philippines, Inc. ushers a new year with a dedicated focus on extending its support to Filipino communities by launching a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that would reinforce the company’s commitment to nation-building. 

As part of its strategic initiatives this year, Eton Properties is poised to play an instrumental role in various community-focused programs, reflecting its ethos of responsible and ethical business practices. By participating in these activities, the company aims to contribute significantly to the well-being and development of the communities it serves.

“This year, community engagement and social responsibility are integral components of our corporate identity. We are proud to intensify our efforts in supporting Filipino communities, especially those in vulnerable sectors of society, through meaningful and impactful corporate social responsibility endeavors,” says Eton Properties President and Chief Executive Officer, Kyle C. Tan.

Together with the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. (TYKFI), the CSR arm of the Lucio Tan Group, Eton Properties donated around 567 kilos of hybrid palay seeds to assist more than 20 farmers in Nueva Vizcaya to sustain their supply requirements.

With the donation, the hybrid palay seeds can help farmers yield up to 120 sacks per hectare, and they can help cover approximately 30 hectares of rice fields, bringing up to an estimated 3,600 sacks of palay per harvest.  

The donation of hybrid palay seeds are in support of the Eton-TYKFI’s Masaganang Palayan Project, which aims to assist farmers in meeting their agricultural needs and ensuring sustainability.

Sending Smiles to Local Communities

Children under the care of the Concordia Children’s Services, Inc. were treated to a day filled with fun with their favorite characters courtesy of Eton Properties. 

While charitable endeavors span various forms, Eton Properties also leverages its resources to assist marginalized families and dependent children in providing spiritual hope and nourishment.

Eton Properties highlighted the importance of literacy through a story-telling activity with the kids of the Concordia Children’s Services, Inc. by one of its employee volunteers.

Eton Properties volunteers organized a day of enjoyable and educational activities for over 20 children under the care of Concordia Children’s Services in Sta. Mesa, Manila. The kids had a blast by having a lot of fun sessions, such as story-telling, singing, dancing, gift-giving, and playtime with mascots. 

Eton Properties President and Chief Executive Officer, Kyle C. Tan personally handed gifts to the children of the Concordia Children’s Services, Inc.

Through Concordia Children’s Services, Eton Properties and TYKFI also helped more than 90 underprivileged families by donating fresh vegetable produce that was purchased from the farmer-beneficiaries of the Masaganang Palayan Project in Nueva.

Approximately 567 kilos of hybrid palay seedlings were turned over to the 20 farmer-beneficiaries of the Eton-TYKFI Masaganang Palayan Project in Nueva Vizcaya.

The donation was composed of 10 sacks of rice, 228 kilos of tomatoes, 46 kilograms of lady’s fingers, 32 kilograms of bottle gourd, 50 kilos of cucumber, three kilos of sponge gourd, 19 bundles of Chinese cabbage, 14 packs of greenwave mustard beans, and nine packs of romaine lettuce.

The company’s CSR initiatives span a spectrum of activities, including community outreach, environmental stewardship, and support for underprivileged populations. By championing causes that matter, Eton Properties demonstrates a holistic approach to business, where success is measured not only in financial terms but also in its positive impact on society.

Through strategic partnerships, educational programs, and philanthropic endeavors, Eton Properties contributes to the betterment of its communities. By championing CSR, the company enriches the lives of those in need and establishes itself as a model for responsible and sustainable business practices.

Eton Properties is the real estate brand of the Lucio Tan Group, one of the biggest business conglomerates in the Philippines. Its foreign counterpart, Eton Properties Ltd, is an established real estate brand in Hong Kong and mainland China. With an extensive land bank in strategic locations all over the country, Eton specializes in high-end and mid-income high-rise and horizontal residential developments, office projects, commercial centers, and mixed-use township developments.