Enjoy Effortless Gifting and Exciting Rewards with PalawanPay’s Peragalo Promo

Christmas holds a special place in every Filipino household, making it the most anticipated holiday of the year. As soon as the Ber months roll in, the air is filled with the cheerful melodies of Christmas songs, and vibrant decorations adorn homes and streets alike. One of the most cherished traditions is gift giving or “pamasko”. This much-awaited tradition involves parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and especially godparents delighting children or godchildren with carefully wrapped gifts or money tucked inside red envelopes, all placed beneath beautifully adorned Christmas trees.

However, despite the joy and excitement that Christmas brings, the holiday rush is an undeniable reality. Traffic jams become an everyday challenge as everyone hustles to attend parties and purchase gifts. Furthermore, for some Filipinos, distance separates them from their families, preventing them from spending the holiday season together.

Whether people find themselves constantly on the go, immersed in a hectic schedule, or physically distant from their loved ones this Christmas, they don’t need to worry about finding the perfect gifts for everyone on their list—PalawanPay’s “SEND GIFTS” option has made sending presents easier than ever, eliminating the stress on your schedule and budget.

The “Send Gifts” feature enables users to seamlessly transmit their “peragalo” (cash gifts) to another PalawanPay e-wallet or any of the over 10,000 Palawan Express Pera Padala outlets nationwide. The feature also includes a “send-to-many” option, allowing users to send their “peragalo” to up to 10 people simultaneously in each transaction. Users can add a sweet, simple, and personalized greeting using Palawan’s e-cards, making it perfect for events such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and other special occasions. Apart from this, the “Send Gifts” feature also has an option to send to Palawan Express Pera Padala branches with the same maximum number of 10 receivers which they can claim in any of the 10,000 Palawan Express outlets nationwide. The Palawan Group of Companies aims to make people’s Christmas happier and merrier with this new feature.

Thanks to PalawanPay’s user-friendly e-wallet, everyone can now send gifts and connect with their loved ones, anytime, anywhere this Christmas season. But the holiday spirit doesn’t end there — PalawanPay’s Peragalo Pamaskong Promo promises exciting prizes for every transaction, making it a truly merry Christmas for everybody.

Participating in the Peragalo Pamasko Promo is both simple and rewarding. To join the promo, follow these easy steps: Download the PalawanPay app, use the “SEND GIFTS” feature, and send a minimum of Php50 to at least two receivers. Users can earn up to 5 entries and are open to individuals aged 13 and above. Spread the joy of the season by sending gifts to your loved ones from November 13 to December 31, 2023. It’s a Win-Win for both sender and receiver with PalawanPay – the receiver receives the gift promptly, while the sender stands a chance to win one of the 3 brand new Yamaha NMAX, 10 of the PHP 10,000 PalawanPay credits, or 2 of the PHP 50,000 PalawanPay credits! Join now, mga Suki. For more promo details, please go to https://www.palawanpay.com/promos/.

This Christmas, let PalawanPay be your partner in spreading joy and connecting hearts, bringing the true spirit of the season to life. Experience the ease of sending love and gifts with PalawanPay—because the most meaningful presents are the ones that bring people closer, regardless of the miles between them.

Download the PalawanPay App now from the Apple Store, Huawei App Gallery, or the Google Play Store, and start sending your holiday cheer!