ENHYPEN drops Spotify K-Pop ON! (온) Single in an ode to the artists who fueled their passion for K-Pop

Produced exclusively for Spotify, ENHYPEN’s latest release delivers their rendition of BTS’s “I NEED U” – with a twist.

K-pop powerhouse ENHYPEN has just dropped their Spotify K-Pop ON! (온) Single featuring their soul-stirring rendition of “I NEED U” by BTS. Produced and released as part of Spotify’s K-Pop ON! (온) First Crush campaign, the track is the first of three Spotify-exclusive covers by a stellar line-up of K-Pop artists, each paying homage to the sunbaes (senior artists) who ignited their passion for the genre.

Much more than a nod to the very beginnings of every K-Pop fan’s journey into the genre, which started with that first K-Pop artist who captivated them with their artistry and flair, Spotify’s K-Pop ON! (온) First Crush campaign calls on fans around the world to unite over their shared love for K-Pop music, and the artists who started it all.

The campaign was launched in celebration of the anniversary of K-Pop ON! (온) – Spotify’s global K-Pop flagship playlist dedicated to giving listeners a platform to discover and tune in to the best from the genre. Since launching in 2014, this flagship playlist has since been “saved” by over 5.3 million Spotify users worldwide and racked up billions of streams for Korean artists.

In ENHYPEN’s cover of “I NEED U”, laidback acoustic instrumentals replace the electronic synth sounds from the original version for an Afro-rhythm twist. While presenting a more mellow version of the track, the members’ performance delivers the emotions of the lyrics with sincerity and showcases the group’s unique color and charm.

“This Spotify K-Pop ON! (온) Single means so much to us. In addition to bringing ENGENEs (our fans) a new track, this was our chance to tell the stories of our beginnings with K-Pop through a song loved by the members,” said ENHYPEN. “We’ve always appreciated Spotify’s support for our music, so it’s an honor to be a part of its K-Pop ON! (온) Anniversary celebrations. We hope listeners enjoy our rendition of “I NEED U”, and we can’t wait to hear their First K-Pop Crush stories too!”

Since their debut in 2020, ENHYPEN, made up of JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO and NI-KI, has been winning hearts worldwide. With their music transcending language and cultural barriers, they have amassed more than 8.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and rounded off 2023 as the fifth most-streamed K-Pop Boy Group on Spotify Wrapped.

To let fans in on discovering more about ENHYPEN’s First K-Pop Crush and their rendition of “I NEED U”, Spotify will be rolling out a series of exclusive bonus content on its K-Pop ON! (온) Video Podcast and YouTube channels. A performance video for their Spotify K-Pop ON! (온) Single is set to drop on February 17, and on February 19, Spotify and the members of ENHYPEN will take fans on a trip down memory lane to unpack the group’s very beginnings with K-Pop. On February 21, K-Pop ON! (온) will take listeners behind the scenes for a peek into the Making Of ENHYPEN’s rendition of “I NEED U”.

Listen to “I NEED U – Spotify Singles” by ENHYPEN on Spotify’s K-Pop ON! (온) Playlist.