Drive safer and save more with AXA and Connected Toyota Insure

Road safety and responsible driving are of paramount importance in our society. In a significant move towards promoting safer driving practices, leading insurance provider AXA Philippines has partnered with the leading mobility company in the country, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), to introduce Connected Toyota Insure (CTI) the first Pay-How-You-Drive car insurance product in the country under the Toyota Insure Program. This innovative insurance solution rewards drivers for their responsible behavior on the road.

 Innovative driving experience powered by Toyota and AXA

Pay-How-You-Drive is the latest innovation in car insurance that has gained popularity worldwide as connected vehicles become more available. A connected vehicle is equipped with a device that allows our customers to avail connected services such as myToyota Connect thru their smartphones. This enables enhanced mobility with a suite of technology focused on safety, security, and convenience for a better driving and ownership experience.

Underwritten by AXA Philippines, Connected Toyota Insure (CTI) offers new car buyers and those seeking upgrades with built-in connected devices to enjoy unique benefits, providing potential long-term savings on insurance costs. It is a comprehensive car insurance in which driving behavior and mileage per trip determines the renewal insurance premium.

Drive safer, save more

Through the myToyota App, CTI customers can conveniently view their driving score and monitor their driving behavior. Safer driving habits such as avoiding harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering can lead to higher scores and lower renewal premiums. Conversely, riskier driving behavior may result in lower scores and will not get the benefit of a premium discount. 

Enhanced benefits and value-added services

CTI guarantees quality repair in case of accidents under the Toyota Insure Program (TIP). Claims may be filed conveniently anytime, anywhere including weekends and holidays thru AXA’s 24/7 Claims Assistance or via Emma by AXA PH app and enjoy exclusive membership perks to AXA Motor Club. You may also contact your nearest Toyota Dealership and they will be glad to assist you.

With CTI, drivers can enhance their driving experience with peace of mind and potential savings. This program incentivizes safe driving, ensuring protection, great value for money, and exclusive rewards available only to CTI customers.

Discover more about Connected Toyota Insure by visiting the nearest Toyota Dealership today.