DITO Home provides free UNLI 5G access to over 30,000 students in Taguig

To help alleviate the digital divide in the public school areas and enable students to leverage the benefits of 5G technology, the country’s fastest growing telco provider, DITO Telecommunity, powered Taguig public schools with its fastest broadband internet yet, DITO Home UNLI 5G WiFi.  

Initially, DITO provided free ultra-fast internet connection to six public schools, namely Cipriano P. Sta. Teresa Elementary School, Silangan Elementary School, Taguig Integrated School, Napindan Integrated School, South Daang Hari Elementary School, and Taguig National High School. DITO Home UNLI 5G WIFI were installed in key areas of learning, teaching, and convergence, benefitting over 30,000 students. The project was made possible through the Adopt-A-School Program of Hands On Manila, a non-profit private organization championing volunteerism that contributes to nation-building. 


According to Ms. Joyce Capacillo, Head, Home Business Unit, DITO Telecommunity, this initiative is more than just a technical solution to the students’ struggle with limited internet access; it became a source of hope for them to continue pursuing their dreams and aspirations.   

 “We aim to support the education sector by helping provide equitable access to the internet. We recognize that lack of internet connectivity not only limits students’ access to educational resources but also hinders their ability to navigate and fully engage in a digital environment, a skill that is crucial for their future, “Capacillo said.   

“We’ve heard stories of students having a hard time securing their own mobile data  just to complete their school requirements and online exams. Such stories opened our eyes to the daily hardships that young minds face every day, and here at DITO, our hope is to somehow alleviate this burden and that no student gets left behind,” she added.   

Joining DITO in celebrating the program launch were leaders and representatives from the participating public schools and Taguig local government including Dr. Flordelyn Umagat, Principal, Silangan Elementary School, Ms. Annette Cristobal Principal, Cipriano P. Sta. Teresa Elementary School , Dr. Francia Patron Principal, Napindan Integrated School, Ms. Kathryn Raymundo, HOM School Coordinator, Taguig National High School, Dr. Joselito Mataac, Principal, Taguig Integrated School, and Ms. Marieta Junio, Principal, South Daang Hari Elementary School.  

According to Mr. Joselito Mataac, Teacher 1 from Taguig Integrated School, “DITO’s 5G technology will surely empower our students to level up their skills and talents.”  

DITO Home initially started with Taguig City, but this initiative would definitely expand to other cities with high hopes of providing an inclusive and empowering internet experience for all.  

“We are happy to collaborate with education and community stakeholders to power up public schools. We want to send that message out na Welcome Lahat DITO. There is much value in joining efforts to strengthen connectivity in public schools because that also means connecting students to a brighter and more promising future,” Capacillo concluded.