Celebrating Mid-Autumn Tastes at Solaire

The year’s Festival of the Moon brings new flavors that will give the festivities a more jubilant touch. Solaire’s special mooncake sets are filled with unforgettable richness and decadence – from the traditional baked variety, sweet snow skin kinds, and the light yet impactful Teochew pair.

Gaze at the moon’s splendor this Mid-Autumn Festival while enjoying these delicacies crafted especially for you. Available in 11 different flavors and 5 kinds, there’s something for everyone in the family. Each mooncake set comes in stylish and unique packaging – a beautiful box colored in vivid red embellished with images that narrate the much-celebrated folklore, and a sleek white mini-chiller that you can use after as a trove for your small precious items.

Traditional Baked Mooncakes exude a hint of grandness with 4 variations. Take your pick between a velvety red bean paste with pistachio nuts, or silken white lotus paste with almonds. For richer mooncake bites, a choice of double egg yolks enveloped in red bean paste with pumpkin seeds and double egg yolks with white lotus paste and sunflower seeds complete this set.

For some whimsy and quirkiness, the Snow Skin Mooncakes are made into lollies for a more playful twist. The 5 artistically concocted flavors are a colorful collection in a white mini-fridge. The mango paste and mango chocolate snow skin mooncake is packed with the saccharine goodness of the famous Philippine fruit, while the blue snow skin mooncake with lotus raisin paste with blueberry chocolate gives off a stroke of tangy sweetness. Enjoy the decadence of the strawberry snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and rum hazelnut chocolate or the buttery texture of the papaya snow skin mooncake with custard paste and Palette Noir chocolate for a bittersweet surprise. Relish the subtlety and perfect complementing tastes of the dragon fruit snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and whisky chocolate.

The Teochew-style mooncakes are a soft and flaky twist to the usual mooncake everyone knows and loves. Unlike its traditional and snow skin counterpart, the Teochew-style mooncake showcases a crispy pastry- exterior. You can savor this mooncake with egg yolks wrapped in soft taro paste or fragrant ube paste. 

To make the festivity more exciting, take home one of the limited release sets that’s in collaboration with luxe whisky brand Dalmore. Only 80 sets of the Solaire x Dalmore King Alexander III will be available which includes a bottle of whisky plus 2 special Dalmore Mooncakes, while there are only 8 sets of the Solaire x Dalmore 25 Years available which also includes a bottle of this rare whisky and 2 special Dalmore Mooncakes.

Solaire’s irresistible homemade mooncakes will be available for purchase from July 7 until September 10 at Red Lantern, House of Zhou, Fresh, The Patisserie, and Food Court. Traditional baked mooncakes come in boxes of 2, 4, and 8, Teochew-style mooncakes come in boxes of 2, 6, and 8. For inquiries and dining reservations at Red Lantern please call 8888-8888, or email [email protected].

For orders and more information, visit https://www.solaireresort.com/mooncakefestival