A Tropical Amazon Fruit Loaded with Skin Benefits

Brazil has the largest   rainforest on earth, the Amazon. In the abundant flora and fauna of South America lies the most exotic fruits potent with Mother Nature’s gifts: Such is the cupuaçu — a fruit that is native to the Amazon basin. People of Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, and many other South and Central American countries have known and enjoyed cupuaçu for centuries. They say cupuaçu smells and tastes like chocolate. This might be because the cupuaçu tree and the cacao tree are close relatives.

People in South America use butter made from cupuaçu seed as a super-moisturizer because of its ability to carry water deep into the skin and restore its elasticity, making it soft and supple. The high antioxidant nutrients of the butter work to eliminate wrinkles that appear on the skin, thereby renewing and rejuvenating the skin, and keeping it younger looking. The benefits of this wonder fruit can now be enjoyed by the people on the other side of the planet, thanks to NUA Organics!

NUA Organics will transform dry and lackluster skin into healthy-looking, radiant skin. Every Filipina can now bring into light their natural radiance. From soap to body oil, NUA Organics contains cupuaçu for optimum moisture and the Philippines’ premium virgin coconut oil to aid skin protection.

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