“ A Night to Remember: “Time to WATCH Dinner Concert for a Cause”

The prestigious QC Sports Club was abuzz with excitement as the “Time to WATCH Dinner Concert for a Cause” took center stage. Organized under the auspices of JCI Senate Philippines and Project WATCH (We Advocate Time Consciousness and Honesty), this memorable event brought together an impressive lineup of performers, influential guests, and generous sponsors, all united in support of a noble cause.

The evening was graced by a stellar array of performers who captivated the audience with their talents. The legendary PCSO Director and JUKE BOX QUEEN  Imelda Papin, delivered a nostalgic performance that had everyone singing along. Ms. Flawless NC Angelica Jones Double Platinum Hit Song & Novelty Song “MS.FLAWLESS” lit up the stage with her dynamic presence, dance  and powerful vocals.

Angelo Alday dance number theme song of Project Watch and the Philippines Youth Ambassador Maxine Trinidad added their unique flair to the night’s entertainment. Each performance was a testament to the incredible talent and passion of the artists, making it a night to remember for all attendees.

The event was spearheaded by Project WATCH National Chairman, NC Angelica Jones Alarva, and JCI Senate President, NP Eduardo Echem. Their unwavering dedication to promoting time consciousness and honesty was evident throughout the evening. The executive committee officers, including NEVP Herbert Tang, PW Founder JCI Sen. Cesar Ochoa and the PW Council, Secretary General Sen. Jing Abarca, ED PNC Sen. Aries Balanay, National Training Director Rommel Gerodias, Auditor Sen. Reggie Yu, and Area Vice Chairmen JCI Sen. Coun. Garry Galutera (Area 1), JCI Sen. Porsche Zarate (Area 2), JCI Sen. Atty. Jeanette Go (Area 3), JCI Sen. Lyzelle Tyllo (Area 4), and JCI Sen. Rollen Echem (Area 5), were also present, showcasing the strong leadership driving the success of Project WATCH.

The “Time to WATCH Dinner Concert for a Cause” was not just about entertainment; it was about raising awareness and support for the vital mission of Project WATCH. The initiative aims to advocate for time consciousness and honesty, values that are crucial for personal and societal development. The event highlighted the project’s achievements and the ongoing efforts to instill these core values across the Philippines.