99 entries advance to World Slasher Cup 1 semis

Ninety-nine entries will move on to the 3-cock semi-finals on January 31, Wednesday, after surviving the 2-cock elimination round of this year’s first edition of the World Slasher Cup 9-Cock Invitational Derby at the historic Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Advancing to the next round are competitors with a 2-0 record, while those who scored at least a point during the first-round elimination will stay in contention for the title.

Among the entries battling it out in the semi-finals are BRCY Twin Dragon, BLJ 76 Tagumpay, For The Love Of The Game, Spartans Uno, Mary Jay, Lenman GF/Golden Bee, I’ll Be There 1, Chicken Joy GF, King Lawis Apex Care Fiscalizer, Third, ADP/Sapang Bato, Cali Dreamers/Lions Den Lagitik, Princess Niña CPB March 23 33k pot J&D, JLC 143, New Montalban Cockpit Arena, Goldquest Hagibis LDI, SF VIM Sagupaan Kingcutter & B50, Rapado Gigmoto Triump Impact, G.A. Gamefarm, Gallman Cali Dreamers, and Inky/White Country CPB/Reaper Hawks 1, all with 2-0 records each after the elimination round. 

JMT Kamikaze Crowsland, NBN 1717/CTV 7788, JV ARC Combine, Texas Cockpit Arena, Morning Sun Nov 22, Old Marilao, JLAC, Infiniti Gold 888 April 20 Uno, and Triple Diamond will also move on to the semi-final round after scoring 1.5 points in the elimination round. 

Other fighters who scored 1-1 records each will also advance to the semi-finals.

The winners of the semi-finals will advance to the four-cock pre-finals on February 3 and grand finals on February 4 wherein a new World Slasher Cup champion will be crowned.

This year’s World Slasher Cup has a total of 248 entries. Meanwhile, there are 115 fights scheduled for the second day of the elimination round on Tuesday night, 30 January.  

Fans who wish to witness the action live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum may get their tickets at Ticketnet or at www.worldslashercup.ph.