#5PMBacteryASIMCheck: Everything You Need to Know About the New 5PM Habit with NEW Safeguard MAX Pinabango

Once upon a time, staying indoors was the norm. Now, however, with the decrease of alert level restrictions since the start of the year, Filipinos’ lives are slowly getting back to how it was before 2020.  Employees are now returning to office and even the kids are officially returning to face-to-face schooling in August. Parents and relatives staying in are usually met with a surprise when they kiss, smell and hug their loved ones at the end of the day!

#BacteryASIM Alert

With these increased outdoor activities, however, comes increased exposure to germs and bacteria. (Yuck!) As loved ones go about their day outside, bacteria accumulate and build up on their skin and increase in number. By the time 5pm strikes, they are already sweaty, sticky, stinky, and suffering from what we call, “BacteryASIM.”

BacteryASIM is behind the sour body odor caused by bacteria accumulated throughout the day. It is the worst enemy of moms, notorious for getting in the way of gigil hugs and family bonding moments at the end of the day.

Good thing Pinoy Moms have caught up to the new hygiene trend that is safeguarding families from BacteryASIM.

The New 5PM Trend

For the past weeks, at exactly five o’clock in the afternoon, moms on social media have been stopping what they are doing and dropping everything to do the#5PMBacteryASIMCheck with their family.

It’s a simple pass-or-fail sniff check originally designed to see if family members are still smelling fresh after a long day.But the test has also quickly become an easy way for moms to check if their loved ones are using Safeguard MAX Pinabango.

“If mabango pa rin sila after 5pm, alam na this—nag-Safeguard Max Pinabango ‘yan,” said one mom.

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The key to passing the #5PMBacteryASIMCheck? The NEW Safeguard MAX Pinabango.

MAX Protection with Safeguard MAX Pinabango

Even after 56 years, the Philippines’s No. 1 Germ protection soap continues to earn the trust of Filipino families with its new and improved bar soap formula that brings out the best fragrance that can last through the day.

The NEW Safeguard Max Pinabango provides maximum protection against body-odor-causing bacteria for a fragrance that lasts all day long, unlike other anti-bacterial and beauty soaps.

When the clock hits five, moms need not worry about BacteryASIM anymore. Safeguard Max Pinabango will ensure their family is still fresh and ready for those gigil hugs and cuddles at the end of the day.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let bacteryASIM get in the way of your family’s gigil hugs and moments. Join the#5PMBacteryASIMCheck movement on Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram with Safeguard Max Pinabango! Now available in all leading supermarkets nationwide, Lazada, and Shopee.