Featured products at the Virtual National Trade Fair

Digital transformation, e-Commerce, online selling — these are the new buzzwords for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in adapting to the new normal. In keeping with the times, the much-awaited National Trade Fair is now accessible to anyone, from anywhere, through the Virtual National Trade Fair.

Showcased at the event will be over 100 exhibitors in the following product categories: fashion accessories and wearables, food and beverages, gifts and souvenirs, health and wellness, and home and living. Designed mainly for B2B commerce, the exhibitors are looking forward to opportunities to do business with large institutional buyers like hotels and restaurants, supermarket chains, large corporate merchandisers, export consolidators, and also online resellers.

Here’s a sampling of some exhibitors at the Virtual National Trade Fair:


BLUE MACAY FOOD MANUFACTURING CORP. Spice up your meals with blends of organic and inorganic herbs and spices that give full flavor and aroma to culinary dishes. A renowned food specialist since 1995, Blue Macay manages and distributes local food materials and special powder blends. They also provide customized services for the supply of food ingredients, spices, savory seasonings, and sweet blends and sauces.

 CARE CHANNEL SOCIAL ENTERPRISES INC. (CCSEI) produces unique designs of Filipino-made and export quality calendars, greeting cards, wall frames, notebooks, bookmarks highlighted with real pressed flowers.

All these locally-made handcrafted products provide decent income to at least 600 mothers and youth nationwide and generates funds for college scholarships to support deserving students coming from poor and indigenous families


 COCOPLUS AQUARIAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION manufactures organic Virgin Coconut Oil, known to be the healthiest dietary oil on earth. The company is capable of producing at least an average of 20,000 liters per month using fresh wet centrifuge method. This type of method produces the best quality virgin coconut oil!


FULGOSINOENTERPRISESstarted way back 1976 and is now supplying different hand-woven products such as hats, baskets, placemats, packaging, boxes, bac-bac rope — storage or braided. Their products are mainly made of abaca, also known as Manila hemp, long recognized for its exceptional strength, flexibility, and resistance to damage in salt water. Bacbac, meanwhile, comes from the outer layer of the banana trunk. Its natural brown color gives a vibrant effect on multifunctional home decor products such as planters, trays, hampers, and baskets.


 EVERYTHING GREEN TRADING & CONSULTING is a social eco-enterprise that aims to eliminate waste. It is a purpose driven company that provides “greenovative” solutions and products for a more sustainable world. Their flagship “gree-ne-las” made from abaca and pandan, are the greener alternative slippers. They also produce abaca/pandan shoe boxes.


The Virtual National Trade Fair will run from January 27 to February 2, 2021 at the website: virtualnationaltradefair.dti.gov.ph.To facilitate business transactions between the participating MSMEs and interested buyers, exhibitors will be present at their virtual booths during show hours from 10AM to 6PM on January 27 to 30. At that time, real-time interactions can be done through chat, video calls, or virtual meetings.

Beyond show hours and in the following days from January 31 to February 2, visitors can visit the booths anytime and leave a message for later interactions.

There will also be a series of webinars at the Virtual National Trade Fair, to be held from January 27 to January 29. The 3-day virtual sessions are targeted at new entrepreneurs and small businesses, to empower them with the right mindset and various tools to help them in their ventures.

The Virtual National Trade Fair is open to the public, and admission is free. Simply visit virtualnationaltradefair.dti.gov.ph and fill in your registration details. Be informed about the latest updates by following @virtualnatltradefair on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information about the DTI-Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion, please follow their social media accounts @BDTP on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may also email [email protected].