Unlocking the Secrets to Kidney Health

Educating and empowering Filipinos to battle kidney stones and other diseases

Cardinal Santos Medical Center is helping raise awareness about kidney health and promoting preventive measures against diseases in participation of National Kidney Month. Cardinal Santos recognizes the importance of kidney health in the lives of Filipinos and is dedicated to fostering a healthier community.

More and more Filipinos are at risk of developing complications like kidney stones due to our love of oily and salty food. “Sometimes, even our favorite food can cause harm to our bodily functions if we eat too much of it,” says Dr. Jason L. Letran, a urologist at Cardinal Santos. “An uptick in sodium content increases the amount of calcium in urine, while an excess of sugar can interfere with calcium and magnesium absorption, which in turn leads to the development of kidney stones.”

Kidney stones are usually formed when urine has an abundance of crystal-forming substances in it, like calcium, oxalate and uric acid, and not enough fluid to dilute them. This can cause them to bind together and harden.

Cardinal Santos’ Urology and Stone Center offers some of the most comprehensive kidney-related services, not just in the Philippines, but in Asia. It houses a state-of-the-art Dornier Compact Delta Lithotripter, which ensures precise and effective disintegration of kidney stones, and is equipped with fluoroscopy and ultrasound imaging to help locate stones more accurately. The center also provides services such as minimally invasive urologic surgeries, laparoscopic surgery of the urinary tract, and treatments for prostate cancer and other cancers of the urinary tract.

While advanced treatments are available, the best way to prevent kidney stones, according to Letran, is to prepare healthier food options, watch your portions, and eat responsibly.

“Some major dietary aggressors are large amounts of red meat, seafood, and shellfish because of the sodium content. Junk foods and highly processed foods, too,” said Letran. “Of course, too much sugar is also bad for the body. It increases your risk for packing on weight, and obesity makes you more prone to developing stones.”

“While of course we advocate for prevention of kidney stones by making healthier lifestyle choices, we hope patients know that Cardinal Santos is happy to offer its services to those who need it, especially those who are currently suffering from kidney stones or are exhibiting symptoms,” said Letran. “Patients are assured that they will receive the best possible care here.”

Cardinal Santos encourages its entire community to actively participate in empowering themselves and their loved ones with the knowledge and tools necessary to prioritize kidney health. Together, let us pave the way for a healthier and brighter future.

The Urology & Stone Center is located at the Ground Floor of Cardinal Santos Medical Center’s main building. You can contact them for your concerns at 8727 0001 local 4114.

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